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  Fitness Articles

  Category: Articles » Health & Fitness » Fitness
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1.AffiliateSeeking Webmaster Forum by Christopher Smith
A webmaster forum that includes many sub forums based on different webmaster topics. Some of these includes SEO, web hosting, and affiliate programs. You can signup and become a member for free. ...
[Added: 12 May 2007   Hits: 2455   Words: 32]

2.It's Good To Be Selfish About Your Health by Chris C.
Weren't we taught to share? Isn't that what we learned in kindergarten? Or from our family? Well, I've got some great news for those people who like to be a little selfish (and even for those who aren't). When it comes ...
[Added: 20 Apr 2007   Hits: 1135   Words: 472]

3.Winsor Pilates in Canada by Christopher Smith
If you are looking for a fitness routine that will provide maximum visible results in the shortest amount of time, then Windsor Pilates is the best routine in Canada for your fitness investment. Seriously, when you consider the fact that you are investing ...
[Added: 10 Mar 2007   Hits: 1011   Words: 467]

4.Tighten Sagging Tummy Exercises - Bring Your Belly Back Inside Your Belt! by Charlie Cory
When a woman gives birth or a man suffers from middle-age metabolism decline a sagging tummy can become one of the most depressing aspects of their life, particularly if they were in good shape or an athlete at one point in their life. ...
[Added: 03 Mar 2007   Hits: 1797   Words: 375]

5.Chili Detox! by Henry Smith
Fasting for any length of time will cause nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, dehydration, and possibly eating disorders. Likewise, the colon cleansers that are used to rid the body of waste are basically laxatives that can also cause dehydration and nutritional ...
[Added: 21 Feb 2007   Hits: 1962   Words: 897]

6.What You Need To Know About Winsor Pilates by Christopher Smith
As the world continues to turn on its axis, new obsessions are created; this is an introduction to Winsor Pilates one of the many obsessions of a fitness-minded world. Winsor Pilates has essentially revolutionized the fitness industry. Gone are the fears of becoming bulky and over 'muscled'. These fears have ...
[Added: 21 Feb 2007   Hits: 1311   Words: 368]

7.An Exercise to Broaden and Strengthen Your Shoulders by Ismael D. Tabije
In most gymnasiums there is an excellent exercise practiced to broaden the shoulders by means of lateral tension. Standing between two upright parallel bars, the student grasps them with both hands, his arms out¬stretched at right angles to the body. The exercise consists ...
[Added: 15 Feb 2007   Hits: 1263   Words: 384]

8.Foldaway Treadmills Offer Options For Those Low On Space by Kevin Urban
If space is a commodity in your home workout area, then foldaway treadmills are something to consider when looking at the many brands and models available. While folding features won't transform your 300-pound treadmill into a thimble for storage, the option allows for easier closet, corner or sometimes ...
[Added: 15 Feb 2007   Hits: 1150   Words: 369]

9.Progressive Advancements In The Portable Treadmill by Kevin Urban
The portable treadmill has made home fitness easier than ever. Modern designs can be conveniently stored in a closet or other storage area after the user workout. Purchasing a portable model offers home users the benefits of a ...
[Added: 15 Feb 2007   Hits: 1228   Words: 388]

10.Incline Treadmill Sessions Add Variety To Workout by Kevin Urban
An incline treadmill adds a lot of variety to your workout program. After all, plodding away on a treadmill for sustained periods of time is boring. When it does get a little boring on your ...
[Added: 15 Feb 2007   Hits: 1435   Words: 368]

11.Why Fats Build Up in Your Abs and How to Expel Them by Ismael D. Tabije
Fat has been termed the packing of the body. It is necessary as it is what fills the spaces between the muscles that give shape to the body. However, the excess of it becomes a problem. And the fat usually gathers upon the abdomen more often than ...
[Added: 14 Feb 2007   Hits: 1066   Words: 636]

12.Handles Skin Problems - Airless Serum by Mia Bilkins
In this world, everyone wants to have a beautiful and healthy skin. But, is it possible when there is lots of work load, tension etc? Absolutely, it is still possible through airless serum. These airless serums have very low molecular weight and thus ...
[Added: 11 Feb 2007   Hits: 1144   Words: 470]

13.Commercial Elliptical Exercise Equipment Requires Durability, Options by Kevin Urban
It can be difficult enough to select an elliptical machine to meet the demands of a single fitness trainer. The need for progressing levels of difficulty is strong simply to keep a single person's interest high. Imagine ...
[Added: 09 Feb 2007   Hits: 902   Words: 325]

14.Simpler Exercises to a Younger You by Ismael D. Tabije
The secret to health, body elasticity and unprecedented return to youth at an advanced aged is due to the persistent practice of the muscular contractions and alternate relaxations. Bear this always in mind – all muscles ...
[Added: 08 Feb 2007   Hits: 866   Words: 578]

15.Time Management…For BODYBUILDERS?! by The "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson
Your Daytimer… Your car… Your computer... What part do they play in your body building plan? What? You don't HAVE a body building plan?! You thought you'd just go lift some weights, drink some kelp, spray on ...
[Added: 05 Feb 2007   Hits: 826   Words: 421]

16.Choices For A Cheap Elliptical Machine Exist Even At Lower Prices by Dave Casey
When it comes to providing varied workouts, nothing quite compares to elliptical trainers. With their versatility and monotony-breaking options, these machines are loved by users for their total or near total body training options. Those on a ...
[Added: 03 Feb 2007   Hits: 1041   Words: 424]

17.The Best Body Building Equipment...Is YOU! by The "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson
Go to any gym. What do you see? Body building equipment fills every square inch that's not already occupied with sweaty bodies. There's always one machine in particular that draws a crowd. It's the latest, greatest in body building equipment. The one ...
[Added: 03 Feb 2007   Hits: 879   Words: 416]

18.How To Repair Treadmills At Home? by Javier Fuller
With increasing use of treadmills as fitness maintainer, their presence in the market has also increased. Several models of treadmills, from cheap, refurbished to the most expensive ones are available today. But like any other machine, treadmills too tend to get wear and tear. The more you use ...
[Added: 02 Feb 2007   Hits: 1070   Words: 532]

19.Why Choosing Ripfast Products? by Nick Anderson
Being given the fact that the market of bodybuilding supplements has many competitors claiming that their products are the best, it is difficult to choose and to distinguish really outstanding products. Ripfast Company offers a wide range of bodybuilding supplements, ...
[Added: 01 Feb 2007   Hits: 843   Words: 534]

20.Winsor Pilates Result by Elitesfitness
When we talk about Winsor Pilates result we are basically dealing with those comments and reviews made by most people who experienced the Winsor Pilates exercise and acquire any level of Winsor Pilates result whether good Winsor Pilates result or bad Winsor Pilates ...
[Added: 25 Jan 2007   Hits: 1979   Words: 544]

21.Treadmill Guide: How To Compare Treadmills? by Javier Fuller
A wide variety of treadmills available in the market would perplex you greatly when you gear up to buy one for your home. And it is quite a task to choose a brand. In such a situation what comes handy to you, is doing comparison of features ...
[Added: 23 Jan 2007   Hits: 771   Words: 439]

22.Fitness - A Few Simple Exercises To Firm Up Those Legs by Donald Saunders
The leg exercises that you choose will depend to a large extent on what you're trying to achieve. For example, are you trying to build strength, increase running endurance or improve balance and flexibility? Similarly, are you a weight-lifter, a jogger or a ballerina? Of course there ...
[Added: 22 Jan 2007   Hits: 745   Words: 595]

23.Hoodia gordinii wb diet hoodia side by Patrick Beaufay
Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus like plant from the Kalahari Desert. It's been used for thousand of years by the Bushment of South Africa to suppress their hunger during their long hunting trips in this desolate environment. For them it was a fact of live – to survive ...
[Added: 20 Jan 2007   Hits: 730   Words: 501]

24.Massage Oil: Beckoning the Way of Remaining Strong! by Cindy Boswell
Utilize the gift of nature to the fullest...keep fit and fine with nature care- Such kinds of beliefs acted as a catalyst in founding aromatherapy. The secret of being well has been rediscovered here. Oil massage is one ...
[Added: 20 Jan 2007   Hits: 745   Words: 434]

25.Evening Primrose Oil: Your Health Deserves Some Nature Care! by Bryan Josling
Evening primrose oil is extracted from Oenathera Biennis. Usually, the seeds of these herbs are used for extracting the oil. Gentle climate is the pre requisite condition for the growing of these herbs. In North ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 710   Words: 448]

26.Body Massage Oil: A Healthy and Holistic Life Is Beckoning by Bryan Josling
A healthy and holistic life- it is a craving for each and every person. But the stressful and hectic time-schedules is a big hurdle in the way. Aromatherapy can be a first choice regarding this. In this therapy, massaging body with massage oil is the ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 724   Words: 456]

27.Black Pepper Essential Oil: The Secret of Nature Healing by Bryan Josling
In the east, the usage of black pepper has been going on for more than 4000 years. Black pepper has been used both in medical and culinary purposes. Since the inception of aromatherapy, black pepper essential oil has become an inevitable ingredient. Black pepper, scientifically known as piper ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 1063   Words: 454]

28.Bangkok oil massage: Get the healing touch of nature by Bryan Josling
The oil massage in Bangkok can act as a healing touch! Such massages are a substratal source of physical and mental well-being in stressful and hectic lifestyle. Essentials oils are an indispensable ingredient of oil massage in Bangkok. As an inseparable item of aromatherapy, oil massage of Bangkok is adorned ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 1372   Words: 433]

29.Motivation to Partner you with Success by Alwyn Lee Beikoff
Is your motivation to exercise and diet weaker than your procrastination? Have you been finding it hard to get motivated even though you know you'll benefit from doing whatever it is you're avoiding? Do you find it too easy to come up with reasons ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 649   Words: 566]

30.When Choosing A Home Treadmill… by Javier Fuller
Your body is the god-given equipment. But to get it into a proper shape, what will come handy to you is a man-made equipment called treadmill. And when you will visit the treadmill market, you will find several models promising you the moon. You can ...
[Added: 18 Jan 2007   Hits: 612   Words: 481]

31.Fitness - A Wise Investment by Paul Reeve
Imagine if an old friend were to confide in you about an investment that was impossible to would you react? Also suppose there was a huge amount of supporting evidence for the investment claims...wouldn't you be inclined to take advantage of the opportunity ...
[Added: 17 Jan 2007   Hits: 818   Words: 909]

32.No Time to Exercise? Do Intervals by Anna Fleet
Working out can be, well, so much work. Nowadays our lives are so filled up with work and family and responsibilities - we're lucky we have time to eat. We're active in so many ways except in ways that keep us healthy. Many people work long hours then ...
[Added: 13 Jan 2007   Hits: 665   Words: 355]

33.Acomplia Pill: Slimming Made Unproblematic by Jack White
An obese is a butt of jokes among his peers, which can tantalize him mentally. Besides this, an obese can be a prime target of health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes which are among the other disadvantages tagged ...
[Added: 13 Jan 2007   Hits: 675   Words: 492]

34.Adipex Information – Where to Find It? by Sean Toretto
Obesity is running like havoc throughout the world. For ages we have been dealing with it by taking resort of having controlled diet and by doing exercises. Though these methods are still practiced, one finds difficulty ...
[Added: 12 Jan 2007   Hits: 615   Words: 429]

35.Setting and Achieving Milestone Fitness Goals Promotes Healthy Living by Elitesfitness
Too many people sign up for exercise programs only to quit after a few sessions. The most popular excuses include, "I don't have time," "I'm too tired," and "It's not working for me." "Rather than just saying ...
[Added: 11 Jan 2007   Hits: 909   Words: 481]

36.Health and Fitness Make the Difference Between Living Well and Living by Elitesfitness
Quality of life is what we all want. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. Fitness makes us want to live it every day. If you agree with these three premises, keep reading. Become Healthier and Fitter Faster While we know you are interested in becoming ...
[Added: 11 Jan 2007   Hits: 726   Words: 335]

37.Primrose Oil: Wellness Comes in an Entirely New Package! by Cindy Boswell
Primrose oil is extracted from an attractive herb which is a native of North America. This perennial herb grows in the mild climate of North America and Europe and parts of Asia. However, it is primarily ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2007   Hits: 689   Words: 450]

38.Pure Essential Oils: Discover the Life Force in Plants! by Cindy Boswell
Aromatherapy is the most ancient way of holistic healing. Aromatherapy is closely related to essential oils. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated essences of plants. The usage of pure essential oils assists in health and wellbeing by comforting the mind, relieving stress, balance emotions and provide support in numerous physical ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2007   Hits: 683   Words: 563]

39.Multipurpose Oil - Australian Tea Tree Oil by Bryan Josling
Aromatherapy is a way to maintain and lead a healthy life. It makes use of various volatile liquid extracted from plants and flowers (essential oils) to transform the mood and health of the person. Among various essential oils, there is one such oil which is known for ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2007   Hits: 642   Words: 419]

40.Aromatherapy Oils: The Healing Power Of Nature by Bryan Josling
The origin of aromatherapy goes back thousands of years in time, but it is only in recent times that it has been recognizes as an essential ingredient of holistic well being. Aromatherapy uses oils to promote physical and emotional ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2007   Hits: 674   Words: 510]

41.Fitness and You: Choosing the proper home equipment by Robert Von Voigt
Your first step towards acheiving fitness is by consulting your doctor. Your doctor will be able to provide you with information about your general overall health and what type of program is right for you. After obtaining your doctor's approval, you want to talk to someone who knows what they ...
[Added: 07 Jan 2007   Hits: 606   Words: 535]

42.Some Great Ideas on Staying Fit by elitesfitness
Physical exercise is something that you need to do on a regular basis. If you're looking for examples of great fitness exercises to try out, you'll find them on our site. Click here for Cutting Edge Home Fitness Equipment , A regular ...
[Added: 05 Jan 2007   Hits: 685   Words: 337]

43.Online pharmacy-how safe are we? by Daniels Charles
Introduction Online pharmacy has changed the face of drug purchase all across the globe. The purchase process of prescription drugs are no longer restricted to brick and mortar buying but its all happening right at your doorstep just by the clock of a mouse. Online ...
[Added: 04 Jan 2007   Hits: 653   Words: 686]

44.How You Can Succeed in Losing Weight by Joseph Ducat
Have you been trying to lose weight lately? So tell me, have you been having much success? How much have you managed to lose? If you're serious about shedding the pounds, you should be able to ...
[Added: 03 Jan 2007   Hits: 237   Words: 513]

45.The Truth Of Weight Loss Nutritious Supplement by apiwat songworn
There are now host of weight slip dietary supplements on the market. Most incorporate vitamins and minerals that attachment the nutrients we can be chump from our regular diets. There are also lines that do not contain RDA or minerals, but other ingredients like botanicals, herbs, enzymes ...
[Added: 21 Dec 2006   Hits: 460   Words: 524]

46.Eradicate Mental and Physical Fatigue with Tea Tree Oil by Bryan Josling
Tea tree oil is distilled from melaleuca, native tree of Australia. Tea tree oil carries strong aroma which is antiseptic in nature and is also used in medicine for curing and healing. It is antibiotic and ...
[Added: 12 Dec 2006   Hits: 425   Words: 415]

47.Helps In Maintaining Health - Evening Primrose Oil by Bryan Josling
Evening primrose oil is extracted from seeds of Oenathera Biennis. Plant is also known by name sundrop and tree primrose, which grows in gentle climatic condition. But, most probably they are founded in United States and Europe; and it ...
[Added: 12 Dec 2006   Hits: 397   Words: 439]

48.Feel the Aroma of Nature with Aromatherapy Essential Oil by Bryan Josling
Essential oil is volatile liquid extracted from herbs, flowers, seeds and various other aromatic plants. It is key ingredient, without which the aromatherapy is not complete. Aromatherapy is an art of healing and curing various body and skin problem. Other ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 371   Words: 420]

49.What heart rate means to health and longevity by Alwyn Lee Beikoff
Heart rate is an indicator of good health and longevity. Here are some tips to lower your resting heart rate. Would you like to do just one thing to: + become a better ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 392   Words: 603]

50.Hoodia Gordinii, a natural hunger-cutter !!! by Patrick Beaufay
The Hoodia kind belongs to the family of Apocynacees. It forms part of the kinds which trained the family of Asclepiadacees previously. It includes/understands a dozen species. The plants present succulent stems which can reach one meter in height. They in general form tufts ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 364   Words: 387]

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