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Why Fats Build Up in Your Abs and How to Expel Them

By Ismael D. Tabije

Fat has been termed the packing of the body. It is necessary as it is what fills the spaces between the muscles that give shape to the body. However, the excess of it becomes a problem. And the fat usually gathers upon the abdomen more often than in any other parts of the body. The reason being the fat, being inert tissue, naturally gravitates to the point of least activity. The legs, arms and back being constantly exercised in the ordinary habits of life, do not offer such a favorable resting place for fat. It often appears on the abdomen, especially to those people in advanced age, which then presents quite a contrast to lean limbs due to habitual activities.

To remedy this unsatisfactory condition, various methods of diet are practiced. In many cases of stoutness the practice of methods of diet, if adhered to persistently, usually turns out to the desired result. But the danger in them is that the reduction of the system in general often produces a weakened condition that affects the heart. Added to this, the reduction of the fatty tissue, being general, is not especially directed to any particular part of the body, and the discomfort entailed in the practice of the system does not invite its universal adoption. Furthermore, they involve a great deal of self-denial.

We frequently hear plump people complain that "everything they eat turns to fat," which often appears to be true. Fat would seem to be un¬developed tissue, formed in the ordinary proc¬ess of digestion and assimilation. But upon reaching a certain stage its further development stops. Instead of becoming living cellular tissue, it changes to this inert substance known to physiology as adipose tissue, or fat. The tendency of abnormal development to happen causes an over supply of fat to the point that dieting alone could not help.

Muscular exercise at the point of excessive deposit is probably the most di¬rect, surest, easiest and safest method of its elimination. This activity has the same effect upon such deposits as it has upon worn-out and clogging dead tissue, which can be forced from the point of lodgment by the alternate contraction and relax¬ation of the muscles. In short, fatty tissue, when thus dislodged, is carried off by the ordinary process of excretion. And my experi¬ence has been that, under no circumstances is it possible to convert it into muscular tissue.

Obesity is evidently caused by local in¬activity. And that being the case, the only logical and successful remedy would be muscular activity of where the fatty deposit is situated. Walking is highly recommended and is undoubtedly beneficial. But the motion of the legs does not really bring action to the abdomen where the fats are stored. Thus, there is a need to do a direct activity for the abdomen so that the fatty tissues may be dislodged. The assumption is that if fat is accumulated due to inactivity, exercises will remedy the trouble.

Fat is really carbon and the phenomena of spontaneous combustion – the cause of many mysterious fires – is a familiar illustration of the method by which fat is consumed in the system and why exercise of the muscles or friction of the fatty deposit will remove it. When the muscles are exercised by alternate contraction and relaxation or vigorous rubbing, there is an increased flow of blood to that point, and therefore an increase of oxygen, as the red cor¬puscles, coming in contact with the carbon or fatty deposit, burn it up. This is the simple explanation of the phenomena. The pumping action of the muscles during the exercises expels the ashes, or debris resulting from this combustion, into the venous and glandulous system. It is then carried off by the ordinary excretions of the body.
About the Author
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