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  Author Guidelines
What is SimplySearch4it! Articles Directory?
SimplySearch4it Articles Directory, which is located at is a free articles directory. SimplySearch4it allows you to freely submit your articles so that they get published on the site and it also allows you to use other authors articles listed on SimplySearch4it for your own site, newsletters, etc.

Most of the articles on SimplySearch4it are electronically reprinted, but there are occasions where your articles can sometimes be published within newspapers and magazines.

If you are an author, that does not wish to have your article distributed or used on other sites, then do not submit your article here.

Copyright and Violations
By submitting articles or other content to the SimplySearch4it Website you:

1. Agree that the articles and other content is owned, written or produced by yourself and you are the rightful owner of it. If you are not the rightful owner of the content that you want to submit to the SimplySearch4it Website, then you are not allowed to submit it here.

2. If you do submit content to the Website, then you agree that the whole of the content has to be owned or produced by yourself and not just parts of it.

3. You agree that the content that you submit does not break any laws.

Once you have submitted content to the Website, we are then eligible to edit or modify the content in, which we see fit to make it look and feel apart of the SimplySearch4it Website. We will include ads on the same pages as what your articles or other content are on, but we guarantee that we will not sell any of your submitted content in anyway, and you will retain all of your ownership rights in your user submissions. So in other words, if you submit some content to our site and then want it edited, we will allow you to do this, if you want the content to be taken down from our site, we will also do this for you.

When you submit content to our site we will also make sure that all your copyright and other propriety notices are kept in place.

If there is any content on our site, which has been submitted by someone who is not the rightful owner of the work, and then the rightful owner comes forward and asks us to take it down, we will take it down for him or her. We take copyright infringement very seriously.

Article Submissions
It is free to submit your articles to SimplySearch4it! Articles that do get submitted have to meet our editorial guidelines before they are accepted into the site. If your article(s) do not meet the editorial guidelines mentioned below, then your article will not be approved and will not be added to our site.

Editorial Guidelines
Before submitting any article, please check to see if your article is already listed. Sometimes, you may not actually submit your article to our site, but it can already be listed. This is mainly because you may submit your article to other article distribution sites where they automatically or manually add your article to our site for you. So before adding an article, please search SimplySearch4it using the search feature.

If your article is already listed, then please do not submit it again, as we do not allow duplicate copies of the same article.

If your article is not already listed then please abide by the following steps:

1. Your article must be submitted to the best suitable category. You must choose a category that best describes your articles topic and what it is all about. For example, if your article is about health and fitness, then you must submit it to the health and fitness category. Even though you may have a site in your authors resource box that has nothing to do with health and fitness, your article should still be placed in the health and fitness category as this is what the main body of the article is about.

2. Articles that contain a lot of your sites links or are commercial or mainly for advertising purposes will be removed from our database before they even get a chance of appearing on the SimplySearch4it site. If some do slip through our eyes, then they will get noticed soon after appearing on the site and will then be removed. If you want to include your site in the article then it has to be included in the authors bio / resource box at the end of your article. Your submitted article has to be quality with good punctuation and grammar.

3. Articles submitted by you, must be of your own work. You must not copy any part of someone else's work, and then claim it to be your own work.

4. We only accept articles that have an articles body of no less than 300 words, an articles title that has no more than 150 characters and is not all upper case.

5. When submitting an article, make sure you use the correct article form. We have a separate submission form for submitting articles that are HTML formatted and another form for submitting articles that are just of plain text and does not include any HTML tags in it at all.

6. Please do not submit articles that are mainly of porn, hate or other illegal content. These articles will be declined.

The Removal of Content
If your article seems to be in violation of our terms of service then we have the right to remove your article from our site. Also, if we feel that your article may not be suitable to our visitors anymore, then we also have the right to remove it.

All the articles listed on this website are for redistribution and information purposes only. SimplySearch4it will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of any of the articles and other non-article content on this site. We will not be held responsible for any damages, loss of traffic, or any illegal activities that result from using our rss feeds or articles. For the SimplySearch4it main general TOS that cover the whole site, please click here