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Online pharmacy-how safe are we?

By Daniels Charles

Online pharmacy has changed the face of drug purchase all across the globe. The purchase process of prescription drugs are no longer restricted to brick and mortar buying but its all happening right at your doorstep just by the clock of a mouse.

Online Pharmacy: The market psyche
The market share of online pharmacy or cheap pharmacy or discount pharmacy has spread today like fire. The consumers purchasing from prescription pharmacy are not aware of a whole lot of other problems, because with great technology interventions come great responsibilities towards mankind. The issues involving around fraudulent practices towards online pharmacy buying need special attention and alertness. Safety measures need to be addressed when online prescriptions are generated without much consultation or a significant amount of foreign drugs are purchased from overseas discount pharmacy.

Online Pharmacy: is it legal?
In general, a United States resident with a valid prescription may bring into the country up to ninety (90) days supply of a medication for personal use. While it was historically possible to order such medicines over the Internet, regulations now require that the medications be brought back in person, and exclude the import of controlled substances. While a number of online pharmacies operate from overseas locations, if their shipments of medicine into the United States are detected the medication will be seized. At present, a number of online pharmacies have suspended operations due to a decision by the FDA to act against online pharmacies that engage in the online prescription of controlled substances. In addition, the FDA and DEA require that an individual be examined in person by the prescribing physician before receiving certain controlled substances from an online pharmacy, as opposed to completing an online questionnaire that is later reviewed by a doctor.

A few concerns with online pharmacies
The primary concerns with online pharmacies are as follows:
Often, critical side effects of online drugs are ignored in the whole frenzy of buying from discount pharmacies. Online pharmacies often extending services like generating online prescriptions can often pose health risks and may result in a negative interaction with other prescription and non-prescription medications, and even with dietary supplements. A doctor can advise a patient about side-effects, and warning signs that indicate that the patient should stop taking a medication. An online pharmacy may provide little guidance, typically at most providing written instruction about taking the drug.

Online pharmacies might at times try to sell expired drugs or counterfeit medication. While this risk is relatively low if a patient is able to confirm that the purchase is being fulfilled through a U.S. or Canadian pharmacy, or even a reputable Mexican pharmacy, some vendors intentionally defraud consumers. There is a secondary market for medications which are approaching their expiration dates, and an online pharmacy may be more interested in maximizing its profits than in providing quality product. For those which sell counterfeit drugs, the customer may be paying hundreds of dollars for nothing more than a few cents worth of sugar pills.

The U.S. government has responded to intensive lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry by limiting the import of prescription medications. When people order prescription drugs from other countries, the lower prices they pay translate into lower profits for drug manufacturers. While groups that represent older Americans and concerns over rising health care costs are lobbying sympathetic members of Congress to legalize the import of prescription medications, the trend is toward increased restriction. At present, while you can bring up to a 90 day supply of a medication with you on your person when you return from a foreign country, you may no longer import a controlled substance. Import by other means, such as by mail order, is no longer permitted, and any drug shipments that are detected will be seized at the border.

It is best to take advice of a doctor and get a physical examination done before taking the risk of buying fake drugs from unlicensed and non-registered online pharmacies.
About the Author
Daniels Charles is the editor for the website, a highly recommended online pharmacy site, is committed to provide visitors with complete information on almost all health related topics. For more information visit Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at

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