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Multipurpose Oil - Australian Tea Tree Oil

By Bryan Josling

Aromatherapy is a way to maintain and lead a healthy life. It makes use of various volatile liquid extracted from plants and flowers (essential oils) to transform the mood and health of the person. Among various essential oils, there is one such oil which is known for its outstanding feature that is, antiseptic in nature. And, it is known by the name of Australian tea tree oil.

Australian tea tree oil is dull yellowish in color and sometime it can also be colorless liquid. The scientific name for Australian tea tree oil is Melaleuca Alternifolia. The main ingredient of tea tree oil is Terpineol, Cineol, Pinene, Terpinenes, and various other.

Australian tea tree oil in aromatherapy is usually used to heal various problems. Here, problems imply boil, dandruff, fungal infections, itching, sun burn, urinary tract infections, athlete's foot, age spots etc. Australian tea tree oil is also considered as antibiotic, detoxifying, antiseptic and antifungal in nature. The inhalation of Australian tea tree oil has been proven very effective in infection like cold and flu.

Other than inhalation, Australian tea tree oil is also used for massaging on various body parts as massaging helps in lessening the pain and fatigue of the body. Along that it has also being proved an effective way to deal with various mouth and teeth problems.

Usually it is said that essential oils in aromatherapy must be used in diluted form. But, Australian tea tree oil is one of such oils which can also be used in undiluted form. But before using, it must be apply on the skin, in order to see that it doesn't results in redness or irritation. And, if somehow these symptoms are visible the person is suggested to visit a doctor immediately.

In addition to above uses, Australian tea tree oil is also a main ingredient in various lotions, creams, shampoos and other balms.

Australian tea tree oil in aromatherapy is often used alone. But sometimes it is also used in blend with other oils such as clove, cinnamon etc. It is not only antiseptic in nature rather it also gives a refreshing feeling.

Thus, it will be absolutely right to say that Australian tea tree oil is multipurpose oil which is used in curing various health problems such as hair, teeth, body, skin, teeth and also give s relief in problem like arthritis. It is absolutely natural oil which has no side effects.
About the Author
Bryan Josling is working with the Horticultural Research Station in Adelaide.To find Australian tea tree oil, aromatherapy massage oils, organic aromatherapy, essential oil dilution, massage oil blends, pure essential oils, aromatherapy blends visit

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