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Coping With a Rebound Headache

By Richard Romando

A rebound headache is undoubtedly amongst one of the worst types of headaches. The rebound headache is basically a rebound of another headache, and hence is an extension to increased and intensified pressure and pain.
A rebound headache kicks off because often we go in for a quick relief from the constant pounding on your head. We end up taking pills and other medications for early relief and instead end up with a rebound headache due to overusing medications.
Remember that exceeding instructions on the labels of medications does not add good to tablets, a proper intake routine and doses should be strictly monitored.


Taking migraine-preventive medication and making healthy changes to your lifestyle, like quitting any unhealthy habits, eating a healthier diet, and increasing the amount of physical activity would definitely help in fighting the rebound headache better.
However the first thing that you need to do is to get past the vicious cycle of rebounding that is taking place in your life, and there are certain signs that you can see in fact that will let you know whether or not you are actually experiencing rebound headaches or if it is something different.
The most common symptoms are that you suffer from headaches quite often; your pain intensifies about three hours after the last dose of medication; your pain medications are not effective and infact the pain intensifies. You tend to rely more on pills often; even for mild headaches or to avoid headache, you start taking medication.
Some people might think that just because the medication relieves the pain, so more doses of pills will give a faster relief to the pain. This of course is completely untrue, and by relying heavily on pills you might end up in a more miserable state than you actually was.

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About the Author
Richard Romando is an expert of giving information about Final Thoughts About Stress and Headaches and Sex

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