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Now Get Rid of your Migraine or Headache Effective treatments available

By Richard Romando

The pain killers may grant you relief form the pain temporarily but is not permanent solution. The three most common and most effective migraine and headache treatments are the triptans, the ergots and the midrins. These three families of medications target the source of the headache instead of simply numbing the pain. Migraine headache treatments and medications is effective if should affect source of the pain.

Getting Down to the Cause

Migraine and headache occur due to the expansion of blood vessels in the brain. The brain is a very dense construction and the blood vessels as long thing balloons. Usually these blood vessels are deflated. The headache happens because these blood vessels grow larger and larger, like a balloon being blown up. As the blood vessels get bigger, they put pressure on the structure around them; this pressure is what causes a migraine. Thus focusing on the source of pain rather than just curbing the ache would curb the Migraine.

The Mechanics of Treatment

All three medications discussed above hits the root cause of the problem. It causes the blood vessels to constrict, relieving the pressure and hence the pain. The pain killer pills generally numb only the pain instead of addressing the main cause of the problem. It's for this reason that the medical treatments for migraines and headaches listed above are the most effective when it comes to treating true, sever, headaches.

Is One Better than the Others

Out of the three medical treatments listed, the triptan family is, at present, thought to be the safest especially for the heart patients. This is because all three medications constrict blood vessels all over the body, not just in the brain; thus mostly people are prone to a higher risk of heart problems and an attack following use of one of these vessel-targeting medications.
About the Author
Richard Romando is an expert of giving information about panic disorder. For more information please visit: Migraine and Headache Treatment

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