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Guide to Headache Medicine

By Richard Romando

Nearly everyone has experienced headache at least once in his life time. Finding the best headache medicine to deal with the type of headache you have is really important and to get relief as soon as possible. Let us explore our available.

Different Headaches, Different Medications
It is important to know what triggered your headache in the first place in order to know the best headache medication for it. A few of the causes of headaches are stress, dehydration and tension.
Stress is the most commonly found cause of headaches. The remedies for these types of headaches include finding a solution to the problem, taking headache medication found in the drug store and trying to relax by taking long bath in lukewarm water followed by a good night's sleep. Exercise and massage are also methods to relieving stress.
Dehydration is another major cause of headaches, which can metamorphose into migraines if not treated right away with first and foremost plenty of liquids. Depending on the level of dehydration you may have water or electrolytes enriched drinks such as Gatorade, PowerAde, etc. Headache medication when dehydrated should only be administered with plenty of liquids and something to eat, as you may also face nausea if taken on an empty stomach.
There are also tension headaches and migraines that can happen on a regular basis because of a medical condition you may have and for which you are taking medications already; in that case you need to consult a doctor for appropriate medication that does not interfere with the drugs you are taking or with your present health state.

Natural Remedies
Natural remedies are becoming popular among common masses now for headache treatments especially when they have a serious health condition for which they are already taking several other drugs. In this situation, adding to prescription drugs may only bring other side effects in the treatment process.
Natural medicines can be found not only in herbs and teas, but also massages and acupuncture. Depending upon the type of headache you suffer and the cause, the treatment can vary from couple of hours to several days and even weeks.

Helpful Tip
Over-the-counter headache medicines do not need prescriptions, but it is still recommended to read the instructions carefully and not to overdose as it can cause other serious damages to your stomach and body in the long run. Plenty of water is always advisable with all medications. Try to have eatables as well before administering them.
About the Author
Richard Romando is an expert of giving information about Anxiety Drugs and Stress Treatment.

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