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Do Not Short-change Yourself This Year

By Adebola Oni

When ever the New Year begins, it has become a norm all over the world for people to start with a dream. Majority know the importance of dreams but there are so many people who do not go pass the first month before they abandon their dream and run after something else.

There has been various reasons why this is so but one of the most important reason people drop their dreams along the way, is because most people dream way too small. Small dreams do not have the motivation to make a lot of people get off their butt to pursue them. People talk so much about procrastination, my own opinion is that you can only procrastinate on dreams that are small.

The best thing you can ever do this year is to have BIG dreams, dreams that will always excite you. When you dream big, you are do things you will NEVER do for small things. In many ways, BIG dreams in many ways, almost pull us through the obstacles we are likely to face on our way to reaching them.

Most of the people we are celebrating in our world, today, are people that started with BIG dreams. We won't have been celebrating them if they had accomplished something that every other person can achieve with little or no effort. If you are ever going to attain the level of being celebrated, your dreams need to be BIG! If you are ever going to stay motivated through out the year, your dream must be BIG!

When you dream big, you will attract so many people into your life that will want to help you. Small dreams can NEVER attract help from others. Why will anybody help you when they know what you are trying to achieve is so small that even their small kid can do the same. If you want to attract people of quality into your life, then you will need to do what they are doing and that is dreaming BIG!

There are so many people who think if their dreams are too big, then life will be so difficult for them. But I want to tell you that a life of big dreams is a lot easier to live than you may ever think. You need to see how it is easy for those that have their sight set on achieving BIG dreams. When you set BIG dreams, you get to a stage that little obstacles don't bother you any longer.

I am not sure you have heard of John Goddard. When he was 15 years, he decided to chart a course for his life and what did he do? He set 127 goals he will like to achieve in his life time! That was unbelievable for a 15-year old boy, but that was what John did. By the time he was in his 70s, John had already achieved close to 120 of his dreams! His secret to achievement is just in his having BIG dreams

My advice to you this year is that if you are ever going to dream, ensure it is BIG and it is far beyond your own power. It should be something that whenever you wake up, it will ALWAYS excite you and you will always wants to pursue it every blessed day of the year. Let me share this quote I learnt so many years ago, with you.
"Dream BIG, there is no excitement in getting by or in keeping up with anybody."

This is to your success this year and beyond as you become a BIG dreamer.

Adebola Oni
About the Author
Adebola Oni is the Author of "The Lessons Of Life". So many lives have been touched by his newsletter, Life Lessons Digest. You can have a copy delivered to you every week by visiting his website:
He has just finished work on a brand new Ecourse, Having A Successful Year. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to:

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