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Falling in Love, Again

By Neil Millar

Gratitude is Love
Dr. Wayne Dyer

It's an awesome moment when your heart opens and the love inside pours out.

We feel it at births and deaths. I felt it at the birth of my children and I felt it when I said goodbye to my Nan.

I feel it in my relationship and I feel it at that moment when people I coach burst through their perceived limitations. I feel it when I look at the scenery from my office window and I feel it when I laugh with, Benny, the cheeky horse that leans over my fence to chew my hedge!

When the heart is open we feel the freedom and release that is love. As in the above quote, love is gratitude - gratitude for the shared experience of living life with all that surrounds us.

The Richness of Living

There is a richness in living that is all too often missed by the hustle and bustle of the rush - the rush to earn more, get more, have more, be more, be someone, or something, to someone.

Soulful Living

Some time ago I considered the world to be run by a heartless processes. Christmas, birthdays, valentines, mothers day, fathers day, all automated by commercial machinery that tells us to respond, purchase and give.

Today, though I'm more respectful of the traditions, I choose to belong to these events in a different way, a way that involves the people I love, seeing, hearing and feeling how completely I love them.

True, opening my heart was a scary process, but the more I opened it, the more others opened theirs. For example, hugging my dad, seemed to give him permission to hug me back. To begin with it was a manly, side-on 'grunt' hug. But a couple of years down the line its grown into a fuller expression of the true love I have for him, and him for me.

Why would we choose anything less?

We've all suffered a hurt. We've all suffered a pain. Because of this we may feel the best thing to do is close our hearts - effectively closing off gratitude and love.

I did this once and I found it a cold experience. When I felt able to open up again I began to feel more full. Now I see life through a different lens.

Had I not been abused in a past relationship, I would not be as humble as I can be today. Had I not suffered money woes, I would not be as money savvy as I've become today. Had I not shared the laughter of my Nan, I would not carry her spirit and search for fun.

In every experience, joy or pain, there is an expression of love - something rich and soulful that edges us towards our dreams. All we need to do is pause our rushing lives, long enough, just long enough, to allow gratitude to seep in and love to open up.

Today, I honour my abuser. I understand the years of torture they had to endure in order to teach me humility.

Today, I honour money, for teaching me the difference between lack and abundant self-value.

Today, I honour my Nan and the people we have all loved and lost that taught us something rich and soulful and beautiful.

Today, I honour you, for the expression of love you bring to the world.

What can you honour today? What experience or soul can you feel heart-felt, authentic gratitude for?

With love and very best wishes

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