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The Astounding Power of Faith

By Adebola Oni

"Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Heb. 11:1 (NLT)

Faith is a powerful force that the whole of humanity is yet to embrace. Most people have read the quoted verse several times yet it has not been imbibed into their lives. So many people can afford to live below their God-given potentials because they have not been able to have faith in themselves and all that the scripture has said concerning them.

Think about this for a moment: "To believe in the things that you can see and touch is no belief at all, but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing." - Abraham Lincoln. Absolute faith in God and oneself is one secret of achieving one's goal and living a peaceful life on earth. There are so many things that have been said concerning us in the scripture but how many of us remember those promises when we experience any challenge? When pursuing your dreams, obstacles will surely come, but it is the depth of your faith that will determine whether you forge ahead or you pack it in.

Every human has the power within him to achieve any heart desire but it is the level of belief we have in ourselves that determines the result we get. People with faith are more relaxed because they are not anxious. They no that no matter what comes their way, the perfect result will definitely occur; therefore there is no reason foe the self-destructive emotions like stress, doubt, fear, insecurity etc.

In a life that faith abounds, doubt is never present. If your faith is not strong, doubt will break through. Man is a co-creator with God; the potential is unlimited. What is true of the great achievers in our history is true for us. Have faith that you too have infinite possibilities to create extraordinary things.

The world is full of people who started their dreams with nothing but faith. We have read several scriptural examples and our present world is also full of these people. If not for the faith of some men, the technological advancements we are all enjoying today would have been virtually impossible. it is now possible for man to visit the moon anytime because President Kennedy had the faith at a point in time. Several people did not believe him because it has never being done before. Because of his absolute faith, it didn't take ten years for this to become a reality.

When you are in the state of absolute faith, you expect challenges. You know that obstacles are a part of the natural occurrences and you easily move through them. When you have this kind of faith, you do not allow anything to take you off track. You do not consider an obstacle a distraction or even a nuisance; you simply see it as part of the perfection of everything. In the face of adversity, you hold strong to your faith and are unmoved and unaffected as a result.

Napoleon Hill said, "Whatsoever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE he can achieve." Faith is so important if you are going to achieve your dreams and vision. When following your dreams, I will want you to embrace this advice by Dorothea Brand, "Act as if it is impossible to fail!" And you will NEVER experience failure no matter what comes your way.

This is to your success this year.

Adebola A. Oni
About the Author
Adebola Oni is the Author of "The Lessons Of Life". So many lives have been touched by his newsletter, Life Lessons Digest. You can have a copy delivered to you every week by visiting his website: He has just finished work on a brand new Ecourse, Having A Successful Year. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to:

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