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Don't Let Them Weigh You Down!

By Adebola Oni

I am sure it is your desire to achieve something worthy of celebrating this year. As it is common all over the world, we all enter the New Year with so much expectations and enthusiasm. We dream of all we are going to achieve by the end of the year and so many other good things that will happen to us.

It is pitiable to see how many people will achieve anything at the end of the year. There will be so many people that will abandon their dreams, some few months/weeks into the year just because of other people's opinions. There are so many negative people out there and they are always ready to pick holes in any dream you share with them.

Dear friend, I want to let you know that no matter what you want to achieve, people will always talk. Whether your dream is BIG or small, there will be people around you that will want to discourage you from pursuing your dream. It is a fact of life that there will always be critics.

The reason people will criticize you, is that they can't see where you are going and no matter how hard you try to impress it on them, they will NEVER understand. If you are sharing your dream with people that do no understand what it is to be dreamers, be prepared for discouragement. Since you know they don't understand, what are you going to do?

I find it so difficult to understand why so many people give up on their dreams all because of the opinion(s) of an uninformed person. It is really baffling. I am not sure a man with two eyes will ever ask for direction from a blind man, but unfortunately that is what is happening in our time. If a blind man tells you, you are going the wrong direction, will you agree with him when you know you are on the right track?

Instead of the opinions of others weighing you down, it should serve as a tonic for you to continue working on your dreams. If it is your desire to succeed this year, you must NEVER allow criticism to derail you, you need to be focused on just one thing and that is achieving your dreams.

One fact I discovered years ago is that people will ALWAYS talk! No matter what you do there will always be something to say; if you achieve your dream, people will talk and if you don't, they will still talk. Why don't you then get focused on achieving your dream so that they can have something positive to say about you at then end of the day?

I tell a lot of people I meet that I won't have been able to get to the point of encouraging others to follow their dreams if I had listened to all the distracting voices that surrounded me when I started years back. There were so many people that told me it was useless starting with nothing but a dream. Most of my family members disagreed with me on my decision to set out on my own at a rather young age against the decision to get a comfortable job. I had the choice of listening to them and abandoning my dreams, but I knew I will forever regret that option. Now they all know better.

It is your choice to determine where you will be at the end of the year and you must make a decision to be where you have set out to be. You will not have anybody to blame but yourself if you allow people to take you away from the right path you have set for yourself.

This is to your success as you remain focused this year and beyond.

Adebola Oni
About the Author
Adebola Oni is the Author of "The Lessons Of Life". So many lives have been touched by his newsletter, Life Lessons Digest. You can have a copy delivered to you every week by visiting his website:
He has just finished work on a brand new Ecourse, Having A Successful Year. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to:

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