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What Are You Going To Do This Year?

By Adebola Oni

The much awaited New Year is here! I want to welcome you to this glorious year. I am sure you have so many expectations for the year and I want to assure you that your expectations will never be cut short.

It is always a norm for everyone to set New Year resolutions at the beginning of each year but the worrisome fact is that we all forget about these resolutions even before the first month ends.

I have always wondered why people are not achieving much in their lives. Why do people with so many expectations at the beginning of each year, fail to accomplish much at the end of the year? After so much pondering, I discovered the missing link and that is ACTION!

Most people talk about what they are going to do at the beginning of each year, but how many of them match their word with action? Few are willing to get off their butt and do what they intend to do. It should not be lost on you that a dream not acted on will only remain a mere wish.

I am not bothered about what you intend to do this year, all I am concerned about is what you are going to do! What is that particular thing/dream that you will ACT upon this year? No result can be gotten if there is no ACTION! You can not make the money you desired or get married to the lady of your dream if you can not back your desire with ACTION.

If you are ever going to achieve anything worthwhile this year, ACTION must be your watchword; it must be one of the most important words in your dictionary. You can NEVER do without it. You must promise yourself to become a person of ACTION throughout the year.

Successful people are always taking action though their dreams haven't materialized. They believe with every little step they are taking, they are getting closer to their desired destination. The same should apply to you this year. Make sure you keep taking steps towards your dream and you will be amazed when things start happening until you realize your dream.

This is to your success as a person of ACTION this year and beyond.

Adebola Oni
About the Author
Adebola Oni is the Author of "The Lessons Of Life". So many lives have been touched by his newsletter, Life Lessons Digest. You can have a copy delivered to you every week by visiting his website:
He has just finished work on a brand new Ecourse, Having A Successful Year. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to:

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