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10 Steps To Over Come Anxiety

By Doug Peterson

The hard part is getting over the social anxiety itself. Sometimes you may think there is no hope and that you are stuck suffering with anxiety for the rest of your life. I have news for you, the people who think this way are the ones who will most likely NOT recover, or to a greater extent worsen their condition! So my First technique is this. Even if each day is no better then the rest, tell yourself "tomorrow will be better" and believe your own words. If you continue to tell yourself "I can't do that" then chances are you never will.

Second, take baby steps. Do not try to rush into anything as this can only lead to stress which will bring you down. Let's say that you are having trouble entering a crowded shopping mall. There is no need to just go right in and walk around, just try to get a foot in the door or even stand near the door. Whatever brings you closer! Again DO NOT RUSH THIS, if you can manage a foot in the door Monday don't worry about having to do it all over again Tuesday. Take your time and go at your own pace.

Third, invest some time into a personal journal. This step is so simple yet so effective. Write down your accomplishments and your failures. Over time you will notice (thanks to your journal) that some things come easier to you then others. Try to focus more attention on the activities that are the hardest. Getting a quarter of the way on something which is difficult will greatly increase the activities that come easy to you. For example, you can shop in a small convenience store with little discomfort. Instead of trying to master the small convenience store focus your attention on a major shopping mall.

Fourth, make, buy or borrow a bracelet, necklace or anything that is not common in your attire. Use it as a reminder that you can do this! When you are in a situation that causes panic a simple reminder that you can get through this can be very beneficial.

Fifth, I'm sure you have heard of this one before but it is often over looked and left out. Breathe deep breaths! Anytime you are in a situation that makes you panic, take a few big deep breathes, and remember to breathe slowly.

Sixth, okay this one is a bit silly but also very affective. A lot of anxiety suffers start to go into a panic attack on the first sign their body gives them, which is usually sweating and more specifically sweating on your palm of your hands. Here's where the silly part comes in, antiperspirant, apply some on your palms before any upcoming situation that you think may cause a panic attack. Now I'm not saying pull it out and apply it mid-conversation with someone, but I do know a few people who carry a stick in their back pocket.

Seventh, talk about it. Find and talk to other people with social anxiety disorder. Search the internet for message forums dedicated to discussing anxiety. These forums can lift your spirits in knowing that you are not alone and can also be very encouraging. Also try to find more informative write ups/programs like this one. Some are free and some cost a small amount of money. The more informed you are the better your chances of succeeding.

Eighth, attitude, anxiety panic attacks can be brought on by just by fear of being judged. Tell yourself "I don't care!" Tell yourself what ever it takes to have a "no care" attitude.

Ninth, laughter, you simply have to have a good laugh. Read jokes, watch comedy movies, read a humorous book. The term "laughter is the best medicine" is all to true.

Tenth, Live, Don't sit around and worry until you are sixty eight years old. Enjoy every minute of every day while you still can, because before you know it will be too late and life will have passed you by.
About the Author
Doug peterson is a former anxiety sufferer who now enjoys helping others online and in his community find income while dealing with social anxiety.

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