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12 Golden Ezine Publishing Tips

By Ken Hill

1. Post testimonials for your ezine on your site.

You'll be able to increase your ezine's
credibility by sharing how your ezine has
benefited your readers.

2. Include a few testimonials for your business in
each issue.

In addition, to using testimonials for your ezine,
use testimonials for your products within your
ezine that share your customers' favorable

3. Write articles.

Your articles can help you to share your expertise
with your readers and add your voice to your

They can also help you to increase your
subscriptions by building up more targeted
traffic to your site.

4. Swap ads.

You'll create a win-win situation as both you and
the other ezine publisher will get valuable free
promotion of each other's ezines.

When possible, swap for multiple issues as
repetition will increase your ad's response.

5. Swap a recommendation within your ezine.

Simply plug another publisher's ezine in your
ezine (i.e., in your editor's or publisher's note)
in exchange for that publisher doing the same for

6. Swap "thank you" page ads or recommendations.

You'll be able to get valuable ongoing promotion
of your ezine as everyone that fills out your
swapper's subscription form or box will see your
ezine's ad or recommendation.

7. Offer a bonus.

For example, you could offer ebooks, an email
course, or access to your "subscriber only"
membership site as a bonus for joining you.

8. Run subscriber only deals on your products
and on advertising in your ezine.

You'll get more first time buyers and also repeat

You'll also be able to show your readers that you
value them by providing them with sales and
promotions that are just for them.

9. Write product reviews.

You'll be able to benefit your readers by giving
them the lowdown on products you use or have

You'll also be able to increase your commissions
by publishing your positive reviews with your
affiliate links.

10. Recommend affiliate programs.

After you've gained your readers' trust, a
powerful way to increase your commissions is to
endorse products in your ezine that you've found
to be valuable and you believe will help your

11. Promote your ezine in your sig file.

Use your signature file that promotes your ezine
in your day to day emails and also, when
appropriate, in your posts to forums that you've
joined and participate in.

12. Have your readers forward your issues.

Get valuable word of mouth promotion for your
ezine by asking your readers to forward your
issues in their entirety to their friends and
colleagues that might be interested in it.

About the Author
Ken runs the Net Pro Marketer where you'll find
informative articles on business, marketing, and
ezine publishing. Browse through the articles and
pick up a useful FREE report on ezine publishing

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