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7 Top Marketing Tips To Put You Ahead Of The Game

By Ken Hill

1. Publish an ezine.

You'll be able to capture more sales, increase
your traffic, and cash in by selling ad space to
your visitors and subscribers.

Publishing an ezine can also open up more joint
venture opportunities for you.

For example, you could boost your sales by
swapping ezine ads, thank you page ads, or
recommendations with publishers whose ezines reach
your target market.

2. Increase the success of your ezine by tapping
into the power of RSS.

Because your RSS subscribers will get your issues
sent to their feed readers, and not to their email
addresses, you won't have to worry about your
ezine getting blocked.

In fact, all your RSS subscribers will get your
issues, giving you a 100% delivery rate to them.

And if you offer a quality ezine, you'll be able
develop a loyal group of subscribers that enjoy
your ezine, buy your products, and listen to your

As many people will still want to get your ezine
by email, be sure to give them a choice of how
they'd like to receive your ezine.

That way you'll get lots of new subscribers that
are into RSS, and you won't lose any that still
prefer to get your ezine by email.

3. Write articles.

You'll be able increase your link popularity as
your articles get published on targeted web sites,
blogs, and in ezine archives.

You'll also be able to build up your status as an
expert in your field, leading to more sales of
your products and also more new ezine sign ups.

4. Publish testimonials.

Testimonials are great to use on your site to
generate more credibility for you and your

You can also use testimonials from your
subscribers to get more people to join your ezine.

5. Provide a bonus for purchasing your product.

Give your visitors a deadline for getting your

By doing this, you'll be able to get more of your
visitors to purchase from you because they won't
want to miss out on your special deal.

You could also sweeten your offer by telling your
visitors that they can keep your bonus, even if
they return your product or ask you for a refund.

6. Promote with postcards.

Your postcards will give you an affordable way to
promote your business and get the word out about
your latest sales and customer only deals.

Be sure to track the results of your postcards by:

- Having your prospect provide an extension or
department number when calling you.

- Having them come to your store with your
postcard to get their discount.

- Having them type in a special code to receive
your discount when ordering through your shopping

7. Use your signature file to your advantage.

Increase your traffic by adding your signature
file to all your outgoing emails.

Also use your signature file when you participate
in forums that reach your target market.

Simply look for questions that you can lend a
helping hand with, and then share your tips and

You'll then be able to strengthen your
credibility, and you'll get a greater response
when you use your signature file to promote your
site, ezine or freebie.
About the Author
Ken runs the Net Pro Marketer where you'll find
informative articles from top notch article writers. Browse through the articles and pick up a great FREE report at:

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