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Five Ways To Create Content For Your Website

By Glenn Jones

Copyright © Glenn Jones

We all know that content is king on the Internet. The maxim has been cited so many times that it has already become a cliché. Well, it has become a cliché because it's true. The Internet is the information superhighway. The World Wide Web is fueled by information. Users search for it. Web publishers provide it. And when you can provide the information that people want, then you're in business. Whether your online strategy is based on Pay Per Click (PPC) programs or the sale of digital products, it is quality content that will attract people to your website.

Content is the best investment you can make for your online enterprise. But preparing unique, premium content is often not enough. You must strive to regularly update your content so that the search engine spiders will constantly crawl through your pages. Your search engine placement depends on it! To do it, however, is also very demanding.

Writing good content is tough enough. But to write good content on a regular basis is very difficult. To write quality content, on a regular basis, for several websites is next to impossible. There must be an alternative way to solve this dilemma. There is…

Here are five fantastic alternatives that not a lot of people are using like they should. Knowing these strategies alone, could give you the edge over your competitors in the race for the best search engine positioning.

1. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a technology that was first used by online news wire services. RSS allows users to display specific files every time they are uploaded on a source website. If website A, for example, generates RSS feeds to announce new articles uploaded to its server, and websites B, C, D and E are subscribed to website A's RSS feeds, they can display the same feeds on their desktop via an RSS reader. For online marketing purposes, these RSS feeds can also be displayed on your web pages. All you need is to download some programs that would enable you to do this. Make sure that you get an RSS-to-HTML reader, so that the RSS feeds you display on your pages can be readable by the search engines. Afterwards, all you have to do is to subscribe to an appropriate RSS feed, and every time the source website posts new content, you'll be able to display the same content on your own website.

2. Create your own forum. Online users normally gravitate towards forums that are dedicated to their own passions. If your website has an attached forum, you will be able to invite your visitors to sign up. They'll be free to interact with others of similar interest. (Social networking) They'll create threads about matters they are interested in. They will post messages which will be seen by the search engines as fresh content on you web site. You didn't have to lift a finger!

3. Use a "feedback manager". If you're posting articles as content, then you might want to include a feedback section on you page. This will allow your readers to make comments about your article. Basically, your article would serve as the catalyst for content that will continuously be added by interested readers who want to give their opinion about the articles you have posted.

4. Have a contest. Offering a prize for the visitor who submits the most relevant article about the subject of your website. As an example, " I like fly fishing because…".This would encourage a lot of people to submit entries that would provide you with a lot of new content. Just remember that your contest rules should include a requirement that submitted entries may be published on your website.

5. Build an Article Directory. To see what I mean, visit or . See how these websites ensure themselves an abundant supply of great content? Simply follow their model. You will be able to guarantee for yourself a good flow of new content! This is also a great way to generate additional ad income from Google AdSense!

It doesn't matter whether you use one or all of these strategies. Just remember you must do something that will create new quality content for your website in order to succeed with your business. Good Luck!
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