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Plug-In-Profit-Site Review

By carol king


'The Plug-In-Profit-Site' or 'Internet Business In A Box' was Created by Stone Evans. This work-at-home business offers you a website which will be set up in 24hrs, it will be fully functional, it will give you the opportunity to gain 5 streams of residual income and you will also be given 100 free targeted website visitors along with $600 worth of bonus gifts when you sign-up, all for one small fee.

The Meat Of The Matter

Now! The first thing that catches the eye (especially for anyone with Internet marketing knowledge) would be the offer of an auto responder pre-loaded with a 400 day email follow up system. This sounds great because it can be quite a technical process for anyone with limited computer knowledge. Next we are shown the usual 'look how much money I make with this business' blurb. When looking at any online business opportunity I would suggest you skip this part because as with all businesses, the results will be different for each and every person. I guarantee you that if you were to give 10 people access to the same opportunity with the same resources and training for the same period of time, you will see 10 different financial outcomes.

Scrolling on down we come to a few paragraphs where the creator tells us a little bit about himself and how he got to be where he is today. I personally find these parts interesting because I can get a feel for the owner and decide whether or not I trust the person based on what they tell me about themselves and how they say it.

Moving on a little, some more information is given about what you will receive when you sign up for your plug-in-profit-site, followed by some rather heavy weight testimonials. By heavy weight I mean, some of the Internets most famous persons are giving us their view of this home based business. This can also be an indication of the value of the business because many of the persons giving their views have good reputations. Reputations that they will want to protect and preserve. What that means to you and I is if this type of highbrow marketer recommends it the chances are you've come across a winner.

The site then goes on to describe the 400 day automated ezine that is built into the website. What this means is, on your website there will be a sign-up section that offers visitors the chance to subscribe to the free 400 day ezine giving them the latest information, tips and advice on starting and maintaining an online business. What's so important about this feature? Well anyone that intends to succeed with an online business needs to build up a list of subscribers. When you have your own list you have a free captive audience of potential buyers. So instead of having to start from scratch, cold selling to someone who does not know you or your products, you instead have a base of people that trust your opinion and judgment. This greatly improves your chances of getting sales.

In keeping with most online opportunities, some free bonuses are thrown into the mix simply because we all as people love freebies. We all love to get something for nothing, therefore the trend is to give in order to receive and Plug-in-profit-site is no different. Here we are offered 3 bonuses.

1. Newbie Training Videos A set of video tutorials that teaches us everything we need to know about making money online.

2. Confessions Of An Affiliate Millionaire Basically an affiliate marketing big wig tells us how he made his fortune online.

3. Plug-In-Profit-Site Affiliate Program Membership This one gives you your own sales page, just like the original and you are told that you can promote that page and earn extra money.

The real value! Actually I have to say that these bonuses are really worth something. I know from experience that the 'Confessions Of An Affiliate Millionaire' ebook is a good buy. The 'Newbie Training Videos' are also invaluable to anyone starting out on the Internet marketing road. In short I guess for once I will have to give the thumbs up to the free bonuses.

The affiliate programs come next. They are up to the time of writing: -

1. Clickbank.
2. SFI Marketing Group
3. Traffic Swarm
4. The Internet Warriors
5. Empowerism

I won't bore you with the details of what each affiliate program is all about, you can check them out for yourself, but what I will say is, I have a high regard for 4 of them. (I'll leave you to guess which 4.) However I must just say a few words about 'The Internet Warriors' they are just that. They are experienced, battle scared fighters. Men and women, who have been in the Internet marketing game, for a very long time, when they speak, mere mortals like myself listen. This is by far the best place you can go online to learn any aspect of Internet marketing.

Basically the Plug in profit site program, offers everything a budding Internet marketer would need to get off to a good start. The affiliate programs offered are well known respected businesses and the Plug in site owner, Stone Evans, has been helping people build solid home based businesses online for a very long time.
About the Author
Carol King-The Home Biz Lady is a part time Internet marketer, who is dedicated to helping others and offering the best information on Internet marketing. Visit the home business know how blog at
to find the best affiliate programs; ebooks, tips, articles and ideas to start a home based online business.

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