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Google adsense best ads placement.

By Jones Hansen

Earlier I have been talking about google adsense, what it is, how to use adsense and what to expect. Now there are a couple not to say many thing you can do to increase the chances to get more visitors to click on the ads on your website or blog.

There are lots of stratigies, and ways of thinking, and I guess all of them has been tried at some point, so why not learn from others experience?. Yes can choose to make a good web design and then blend in your ads so they dont bother your visitors, this may make your visitors stay longer on your site to enjoy the content. but the problem is how should you then get them to click?. I perfere to make advertisment boxes about the same color as my website and place them so they are a little in the way, yes it can bother the visitors but its all about exaggeration, making small ads in between text blocks wont get interested users confused but it would get not so interested users to click on your website ads.

Also i think its better to only place one ad on each web page, and not alot of small ones around on your site, I have too often seen how this can spoil a great web design. Now some of the best ways I have seen google ads being integrated into a website is when making a border around the ads with graphics (like making google ads look like a "post it" sticky). This is smart and stands out, and gets users to look at them.

One think to remember is not to put ads at the bottom of your site if your site is long and visitors have to scroll down to see it. I think its a wast of time, because the people with the biggest chance of clicking ads are the ones not so interested in your website, and they may shut down your site even before scrolling down to see your ads.

Some other things you can do is to put images next to your google ads, as our eyes are attracted to images before text, but remember not to make it look like the image has relation to the text ads because google has strict rules about that, and you can get banned. A good tips could be to put at visible border around the google ads, to indicade that that ads are seperated from the image.

Google has been integrating new video ads, and yes its a very good and effectiv idea, but keep in mind not that many companies have make video ads yet, because they are so new, this means that if you put on video ada on your site, your video ads may not be shown every time yet, because there is not ads for your theme. Or maybe it will just show some not related ads on your site as a random ad instead, and we know this will not attract nor interest many users.

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Google adsense best ads placement.
by Jones Hansen

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