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MySpace Comments- Not Just Plain Text Anymore!

By Susan Cox

So you've spent lots of time and energy creating the perfect MySpace page that truly defines "you" as a person. A subtle blue background with pastel stars and stripes adds some flair to your "Contact Me" section, and your personal pictures really make your page unique. If only you could share your one-of-a-kind traits with your MySpace friends by placing images, glittering text, and even your favorite snapshot onto their "Comment Section". You've wished, and now you shall receive- the options for posting more than plain, boring ol' text on your friends' MySpace comment sections have arrived!

One of the latest trends you may or may not have seen is an individual placing a picture onto the comment section of a MySpace page. I bet you're wondering exactly how they've done that. Basically, all pictures on the Internet, including those on MySpace comment sections, have a URL (also known as a web address) and a bit of HTML to direct the picture on exactly where to go.

If you've seen the HTML bit, the "img src=" stands for "Image Source Equals", or where your picture is located on the World Wide Web. The rest is the Internet address for your picture. The trick is to get your picture published on the Internet. If you don't have your own personal web site, you can upload your picture onto Geocities, Flickr, or your favorite photo-sharing site. Take note of the web address (the "http: //www.something"), easily found by left-clicking the mouse or clicking on the "source" of a particular page, so you can place it in the HTML snippet and then on any of your MySpace friends' comment sections.

And there's always the "glitter text generators" which can take your plain ol' boring text and add some serious amounts of sparkle. The nice thing about this effect relates directly to the generating site, for the better sites will enable you to slow down the "glistening" to nearly a standstill, which is especially nice for those who like the color, font and size option, but not the blinking dazzle that typically coincides with glitter graphics.

Now we'll chat about some images to replace text altogether. Instead of typing, "Just wanted to say 'Hi!'" day after day, week after week in the same comment sections all over MySpace, you can find some sparkling or interesting images that say exactly what you want to say, just not the same way everyone else does. Generators and codes for such pics are easy enough to find on the Internet, both for text images and glitter text, not to mention just about anything else you want to put onto your or your friend's MySpace page- you just need to know where to look.
About the Author
Susan Cox recommends MyWackoSpace if you need more information on MySpace comments.

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