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Why personal trainers and bodybuilding programs suck?

By Christina hayden

Why You Should Never Hire A Personal Trainer

In short they suck and they are following the same garbage given out by the powers that be that does absolutely nothing o transform your body!
Listen Garbage in is garbage out! It makes no difference if a professor is teaching it-what matters if it actually works and there is definite proof that it does not work!
The obesity rate has increased astronomically and at the same time, the number of personal trainer s has gone up?
Sounds “like a cash grab to me”…

Logic would have it-that if they were so good at what they did, we should be seeing people lose weight and not gain it!

Losing weight is a very simple science, yet these personal trainers and self acclaimed Gurus “complicated it” and the result is confusion and my friend confusion if the most profitable thing you can inflict on a desperate put of shape person!

Tell them what they want to her, and sell them the book-then they will give up and come back to you. After all it is not your fault because as these “experts” say

“Every one is different” and what works for Joe won’t work for Shaun…

This is utter and complete nonsense
Fact is what works for Joe will work for Shawn! Because like medical science there is a science to building muscle and losing fat!

Medical science is based on the fact that we humans share common traits, like we all have hearts, blood etc, it is not based on the fact that I have unique genetic makeup and you have a different genetic makeup so what works for me won’t work for you!
No a muscle is a muscle- your muscle, Joe’s muscle and Shawn ‘s muscles are all alike scientifically!

The reason why one programs works for me and does not work for Joe is because the program is not based on science and because we differ genetically- I may be able to adapt faster than you can!

For instance we know that for a muscke to grow we need to stimulate it and then allow it to rest and recover before it can grow!

If shawn and I follow some “nonsense” program froma a magazine! I may have a better recovery system than Joe- so I may make gains whiles Joe does not!

If opn the other hand we were botht o follow the “right scientific program” we would bopt h make gains – and I would certainly make more gains than him! But we would both build muscle!

And that is the difference!

Here are some general rules for losing weight

“What you burn has to exceed what you consume”

For muscle

“Intensity is the key to muscle growth” –not the number of sets or the frequency of training

to gain weight
the total number of calories consumed is what accounts for muscle / weight gain (after it has been stimulated) and not the quantity of protein consumed!

So what do you do? Discard the personal trainer and follow a program that is based on facts! That is the truth –yeah! you may not like the truth but it is what works! And you can rest assured you will not be tossed around and screwed around!

Once you know the truth, you are free-you won’t have to look at another personal trainer, buy another supplement or even go to the gym as often!

Truth be told there are lots of bodybuilding / gain weight programs out is very confusing for a beginner to choose the right one!

But in my research I have found that there are only 4 programs that are truly revolutionary out there- and that use science to build muscle!
These are the
• . Peter Siscos Static Contraction Training
• Maximum Contraction Training
• Rob Maraby’s FastMuscles Program
• Mike Mentzers Heavy Duty Program

Everything else is a rehash of the same old nonsense you will find in any muscle magazine! What I mean is that these programs will work extremely well for 1% of the population but not for the other 99% . In fact the other 99% will be lucky to experience a bust of growth followed by no growth for years in time!

Now these 4 programs come with lots of criticism, if you look on the web you are bound to find lots of “experts” criticizing these programs! And that is a good sign?


Humans don’t like change! We hate it! We would rather follow the norm- even if it is wrong! No one likes to take the unbeaten path! Everyone wants the road that is paved!
Problem is the paved road is not usually the right road! And it sure won’t give you the kind of muscle mass and fat loss gains you are seeking!

Remember this “there is no such thing as a successful critic” and it is very easy to criticize but extremely difficult to create something new and revolutionary?

So if you ever see someone critize something you can bet he or she is loser of some sort!

They would rather cry and complain than do something productive!

As for the above mentioned 4 programs –the FastMuscles program, the maximum contraction program, Heavy Duty and static contraction training! I must offer these authors praise. It is rare that humans will go out of their way, make enemies just for the sake of science! We are truly gifted to have such people around!

And these 4 programs have done just that for you!

In short, be smart and do the research and under no circumstance should you follow the advice of any personal trainer- not unless he ascribes to the above mentioned programs!

About the Author
Christian Hayden is the author of many to gain weight and build muscle mass articles.

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