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Do you need a Fitness Trainer?

By Darren O Connell

Wow it's the start of a new year again so it's time to make another effort at kicking bad habits and taking on good habits
such as: joining a Gym to get fit and lose a few pounds. When most people join a gym, motivation runs high for the first couple of months and it's great, but then they start to lose interest, this usually happens around March or April, some times sooner. People get tired of doing the same old routine with little or no results. Boredom overtakes and they quit. There are a few secrets to maintaining a successful training program:

1. There must be a plan of action based on the person's goals
2. Progress must be tracked and logged.
3. The program must be interesting and appealing.
4. It must be changed every 4 to 6 weeks for greater results and the keep its appeal.

Many people who are new to the fitness scene follow the same training routine day in day out for a couple of months and then give up in despair.

So what is the solution?

Those people could employ the services of a Fitness Trainer to keep them motivated and provide them with sound exercise routines that are interesting and will actually work.

Fitness trainers are qualified experts in analysing and creating a fitness program that is right for you and your goals. They will provide you with a certain program depending on your "fitness level," and create it according to your needs, and keep you stimulated and inspired by giving you the correct exercises that will not bore you and you will not wish you were somewhere else.

If you are considering a Fitness Trainer, keep in mind that they will vary in fitness education and skill.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring a Fitness Trainer:

1. Proof of Certification
To ensure your success,
They must be certified by a highly accredited Fitness Institute. This implies greater knowledge and higher quality.

2. Education and Training
Choose a Fitness Trainer who has acquired a very high level of education and training in the health and fitness field.
They will have the edge over the others regarding your results and value for money.

3. Gives the right attention to you.
A good fitness trainer will provide his or her client undivided attention at all times during their session. You should not find them looking around the gym or chatting to others, the trainer should be able to stay focused on the task ensuring that you are performing the exercise safely and correctly.

4. Knows how to track progress
Choose a fitness trainer that knows how to track progress and implement the required changes.
This way, the trainer will be able to provide new activities that will match your new fitness level.

5. Good Personality
They must have a good likable personality. You will be spending some time with this trainer so it makes sense that you
choose one that you are sure you will like and will be comfortable with. Be sure that you will get along with them.

The services of a Fitness Trainer and the results you can achieve with them are much greater than going it alone, and will keep you on track and motivated, which will definitely ensure that you make it past March in the gym.

For more information on Fitness Trainers or if you would like to get certified and become a Fitness Trainer visit
About the Author
Darren O'Connell - has over 20 years experience in Muscle Growth, Health, Fitness and Nutrition -

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