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The BEST Anti Aging Routine!

By Terri-Leigh Bennett

There are endless amounts of anti-aging creams, vitamins and medicines. It's hard to know what to do and what to use!

We live in a world that is obsessed about looks; ever since we can remember it has been like this. However; now it seems that looking youthful is now far more important than our beauty!

This is the new obsession. The reason is because we are now able to look younger with expensive anti-aging creams, vitamins and surgery; which is now ever-so popular!

Everywhere we go we see adverts and campaigns to lure us in to purchase things that make us look more youthful!

Anti-aging skin care does help us look younger, and if you look younger you feel younger!

In this article I am going to give you a few anti-aging tips that will change the way you look and feel about yourself!

Of course it is natural to get older, but with anti-aging skin care techniques, we certainly don't have to look older!

Practice some facial exercises regularly for the smooth, tight appearance of your skin. It's certainly true that if you look younger, you will feel good.

You can also incorporate your skin care routine with a body exercise routine too! If you take regular exercise for your body; your body will look much more youthful too!

As we get older, our faces become drier. The Drying of our skin will cause wrinkles, but by doing a skin care routine of moisturizing every morning and night will constantly hydrate your skin and keep it hydrated; keeping these wrinkles at bay!

Begin doing this in your early 20's, as you are preventing the wrinkles. Don't wait until you already have them!

Exfoliation is a vital aspect of a good skin-care routine; it removes all dead and dry skin cells. Lightly exfoliate once a week. Not only will it remove the dead cells, it will also reveal fresh new skin cells giving you a youthful, fresh skin boost and it's important for looking younger!

This superb natural exfoliation home recipe that I use myself will work perfect for you;

All I mix is an

+ Egg cup worth of natural sea salt. (you will find this in your local supermarket, you mustn't use regular salt)
+ Dessert spoon of Olive oil

Mix the two together and open your pores with very warm water (not hot) and gently rub your mixture over your skin in circular motions. This will gently remove all the dead skn cells revealing fresh glowing skin! This is a very natural and hydrating way to exfoliate and the best part is it is much cheaper than expensive branded products!

If you combine these anti-aging skin care techniques of:

+ Facial exercises
+ Moisturize every morning and night
+ Exfoliate

In addition to all of theses and probably the most important; Drink lots of water and apply sunscreen everyday!
About the Author
Terri-Leigh Bennett is very passionate about skin care; she uses her home recipe to exfoliate her skin and she also uses a new product that has been reported to have remarkable anti-aging effects! She absolutely loves it! You can actually get a FREE trial of this product here!

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