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Advice For Singles on Valentine's Day – Is It Really S. A .D?

By Terri-Leigh Bennett

Valentines Day tends to be an extremely lonely time of year for single people. Many singles actually call Valentine's Day a 'Singles Awareness Day'.

They feel they're almost ridiculed for not being with someone and also the initials stand for S.A.D; reflecting how they feel on Valentines Day!

However; it doesn't have to be like this!

You must keep in mind that Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love. Not just romantically, you can celebrate with all the people that you love like your parents, siblings and grandparents etc. Anyone who has shown you love in your life.

Instead of dwelling on all the romantic gestures and aspects of love you're missing out on; you should be focusing on showing your friends and family love!

You can make the most of Valentines Day by indulging you and the ones you love with something luxurious that you and they have wanted for a while.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles:

Pamper yourself

Buy yourself valentine's gifts! Maybe a dress you've had your eye on or something you have been planning to buy. Perhaps take yourself and a friend to a spa or a beauty day. All of these things will be a great way for you to enjoy the day.

Phone some old friends

Phone some old friends that you haven't seen for a while and arrange for all of you to go out for dinner. Have fun remembering old times and you will really enjoy yourself!

Take out someone that you care about

If you have a teenage sibling or niece or nephew that doesn't have a partner either, then take them out for a fun night. Get something to eat and go somewhere you've never tried before. Perhaps let them to choose; maybe a crazy party with some of their friends or a disco! You'll have great fun and they'll appreciate it!

Join a class

Try something that you have always wanted to try; and go and do it whether it be dancing classes or painting. Whatever it may be; you will be meeting new people as well as doing something you enjoy and who knows you may meet someone special!

Think Positive

Always think positive especially when you feel down on Valentines Day. Don't stay at home sulking because you have got a boyfriend or girlfriend. Embrace this day as an opportunity to meet other singles whilst having great fun with the ones you love.

You are much more likely to meet someone when your least expecting it and when you have forgotten that you're by yourself. It's much more attractive to see someone enjoying themselves with friends and family than someone moping about moaning about not being with someone romantically.

My last and final tip is "whatever you do"- don't let being single hold you back in life! Embrace life and enjoy yourself with all the things you love doing as an individual.

We all know deep down that to be able to allow someone to love us we need to love ourselves first!


+ · Pamper yourself

+ · Contact some old friends

+ · Take someone out and enjoy yourself

+ · Enroll on a creative class

+ · Think positive

+ · Embrace single life

+ · Enjoy
About the Author
Terri-Leigh Bennett has written many relationship articles and would like to offer a FREE service for finding your special someone. It will give you the opportunity to contact thousands of singles in your area! They're waiting…click here!

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