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Tensing Exercises for Minor Muscles

By Ismael D. Tabije

There are many deep-seated minor muscles that are not called into activity by special exercises. By this inactivity, the capillaries and the microscopic veins that should nourish them may become clogged thus losing their elasticity and efficiency. The larger arteries, veins and muscles will deteriorate under like conditions. It is therefore necessary to bring this dormant machinery into action.

To do this, lie on your side and fold your arms across your chest. Grasp your elbows with your hands, throw your head well back, and stretch your body to its full length. In this position, exert at first, only half of the strength of your folded arms (the pressure coming upon the elbows, over which your hands are clasped). As you do this, stretch and tense your entire body until it becomes rigid.

Hold this position for two to three seconds, as the effect is as though you were lifting a heavy weight. Relax for a few seconds; then repeat the exercise. Three or four alternate movements of tensing and relaxing are enough. This exercise will set the blood "tingling in every vein" and, most probably, will be followed at first by perspiration.

Begin the exercise cautiously. Exert only half your force in the pressure of the folded arms, and gradually increase, as your strength increases. Begin with not more than three or four movements. Increase slowly until you have reached ten, which will be sufficient.

Lying on your side, as in the preceding exercise, clasp one hand only around the ankle of the upper leg. In this position, pull with your full strength, holding the strain for a few seconds; then relax.

Begin with ten alternate relaxing and tensing movements and increase to twenty-five as your physical condition improves.

You will find the tension of the shoulder muscles in this effort different from the preceding exercise, the strain being across the shoulders as well as downward. This, like that of the pulling exercise, is perfectly safe. The muscles specially brought into action are those that make up the "neck yoke" and those immediately around the shoulder sockets. It is designed to strengthen and generally develop the muscles of the back.
About the Author
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