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Oh Baby: Retiring Boomers Changing the Face of the Country

By S. Tzirlin

The much-trumpeted news played across headlines and TV reports at the beginning of 2006: let all the world know the oldest Baby Boomers were turning 60. This was it: the "graying of America" we'd all heard so much about, and the herald of the impending retirement of the flower children, the "Me Generation," the varied souls that Leonard Steinhorn called "The Greater Generation."

Beyond the headlines, the real work of preparing for a historically unprecedented influx of senior citizens began. Some of it was unpleasant: President Bush's warnings of an impending Social Security failure hit a wall of opposition, and prospects of increased healthcare costs brought grumbling across the country. Most of it, though, was methodical, and Boomers and the rest of the country took it in stride. So we've become accustomed to discussions about health and lifestyle changes, burgeoning retirement communities and endless Rolling Stones tours, and, above all, to musings on the best ways to stay young.

Baby Boomers cherish youth; they agonize over health this is the generation that introduced the fad diet and methods and products that help to preserve it, from yoga to antioxidants, earn special reverence. New products geared toward the changing lives of Baby Boomers spring up each day, often using the internet to find a market among this literate, results-driven generation. The internet, in fact, has become the primary source for many of the popular new products and services that are easing the Baby Boomers' transition to retirement, and helping them to lead full and active lives.

Baby Boomers have helped to vault what might otherwise have been niche products to extraordinary success. Products like the Owl Optical Wallet Light, which sells on the World Wide Web at sites like, have seen their sales soar. The Owl Optical Wallet Light, a combination light and magnifier the size of a credit card, has become the indispensable companion to Baby Boomers in dark restaurants across the country. The Owl Optical Wallet Light has been drafted into service for reading menus, pill containers, instruction manuals, and maps, both by day and by night. Its combined functions light and magnification help to prevent eye strain, and that's a boon to users of any age.

The Baby Boomers have helped to define the country's direction for decades. Now a new assortment of products and technologies is helping to keep them with us, and in top shape. Products like the Owl Optical Wallet Light promise a clear, bright transition to a new decade of life for the Baby Boom Generation.

Additional information on the Owl Optical Wallet Light is available at
About the Author
S. Tzirlin is a freelance writer dedicated to monitoring the trends shaping the country.

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