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Keeping up with the Models: Good Looks for the Rest of Us

By S. Tzirlin

These days, you hardly have to be on the cutting edge of the fashion world to see that high expectations and higher prices can govern our ideas of beauty. Even a glance at the TV at popular shows like Nip/Tuck and Dr. 90210 proves that. From Botox to breast implants, and from tummy tucks to tanning salons, we're proving that even if money can't buy us love, it just might be able to buy us a first date.

But despite the technological leap forward, with its promises of pulchritude for all, the growing reliance on store-bought beauty raises a bleak question: could ordinary people be on the verge of getting "priced out" of beauty? Increasingly sophisticated and prohibitively expensive cosmetic procedures represent gloomy signs, but there's also a wealth of good news to be found: simple, inexpensive ways to look your best are more accessible now than ever. You just need to know where to look.

The White Light System a professionally developed optical and gel-based tooth-whitening device is just such a solution. Sold online at sites like at a fraction of the price of an electric toothbrush, the White Light offers a straightforward and staggeringly effective method of keeping teeth their whitest. The White Light helps to remove even the most persistent stains from coffee, red wine, cigarette smoke, and fruit juices.

Dentists don't seem to mind the competition from White Light. "It's like a visit to my office without ever leaving your home," says Dr. Harvey Silverman, DMD, FASDA, FABAD, and the White Light System's unsurpassed quality, convenience, and affordability continue to win it new advocates, both among professionals and consumers. In a world where the high prices too often guard the way to high-quality results, the White Light System offers a welcome change for the better.

Dental hygiene remains only one element among many determining our personal appearance. Thanks to the White Light System, though, it remains an element whose diligent upkeep won't break the bank. Today, products like the White Light innovative new technologies that make looking good both simple and affordable abound, and they're waiting for discovery by anyone willing to search for them.

Additional information about the White Light System is available at
About the Author
S. Tzirlin is a freelance writer dedicated to bringing people news about the latest, most exciting products.

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