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Business As Usual 1947-2007

By Chris & Ted Morgan

What you are about to read is a sad but true story about
business. In 1947 your grandfather worked till he retired; in
2007, you on the other hand will be fortunate to continue
working long after retirement.

If you are anything like me, I am certain that you certainly
do not want to work any job during your retirement years.
There is hope though; there is another simple solution that
many are taking advantage of daily.

During the last sixty years and the way business was run,
businesses went through some dramatic changes. In 1947
business was dependable for your monthly income, benefits and
pensions. In 2007, businesses are not honoring the promises
they made with their employees, especially their employee
benefits & pensions.

Did you know that the technology industry is the major player
in all this business turmoil? Technology is also part of the
solution for your well-earned benefits & pensions. An
explanation is needed here.

During the last sixty years of business, technology
skyrocketed (color TV, cell phones, fax machines, DVD, CD,
iPodô, Internet, personal computing, etc.). We went through
tree distinct ages or eras, the industrial age, information
age and the communication era. The problem for most of us is
that we were slow and did not adjust and apply the new

Look at it this way; if you are 60 years old, you know about
record players and rotary dial telephones. If you are 20
years old you probably need an encyclopedia to know of them.
We both live in the time of mass communication & the ones
that communicates best generates the most income.

Today is truly the best leverage position in history. You
have a unique opportunity to build your own future because the
only thing that can stop you will be yourself,just give yourself
permission to excell; do not give up & do not give in.
Before, you depended on others to make your income (company
business), in this new age (the new economy) you are the business.

What I have come to know is that in order to generate a life-
long income stream for your retirement years, you are going
to have to have a way to leverage yourself and your business.

At this time I want to introduce you to Network Marketing. If
you are not aware, that vehicle offers the top tier of
leverage there is. If you use this tool properly and using
the exponential factors within it, it can potentially make
you wealthy.

I would be the first one to tell you that there is a wrong
way to approach this business. The best way is to work this
business is from a knowledge base (from my experience). I
strongly suggest that you get a coach that is experienced and
trustworthy before you spend a single dime in this business

Once you have procured your coach, follow their instructions
implicitly because they know the ropes and you do not.
Knowledge is key, and as you act on that knowledge you will
begin earning at your optimal business potential.
About the Author
Lifestyle/business coaches, Chris & Ted Morgan say start successful business building the right way. There is an eminent needed shake up of the economic system in play, be in good company as people around the world become more aware of new choices. Network marketing offers the extreme leverage position you need to succeed. Optimize network marketing 800 931 4906

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