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How Gotu Got Control of The Very Responsive List

By Chris & Ted Morgan

Let me share a short story with you... about a very
responsive list for Gotu - Deep in the jungles of the Congo
lived a wealthy farmer named Magii & his eldest son Gotu.
Magii was well respected & a true friend to everyone, he
was also the tribal healer & medicine man.

For many years the name of Magii was always spoken with
reverence throughout the countryside. The people depend on
Magii day and night for one thing or other.

Magii actually loved what he did for the people and even
more, he loved the people. Magii was three score and ten
when he decided to train his eldest son, Gotu, to take over
the family business list.

Gotu was one score and three, and was the spitting image of
his father. From the time he could walk, Gotu was always no
more than two steps behind his father (like a shadow).

One day Magii decided to give Gotu the hidden secrets to
his wealth, which is his highly responsive list of customers
and prospects, in hopes that Gotu will continue and even
surpass his father's success.

List Building From The Master

Magii said, "To succeed in life you must have love in your
heart. Everyone is your brother and you must strive to love
your brother even more than yourself, be selfless not

Your wealth is tied to what you are passionate about. Your
wealth is also tied to what you love. You won't ever become
a great leader without being a follower first. Be a
perpetual student of learning.

To become a leader you have to become attractive to your
following (your list). In order for you to "get", you have
to "give." The more you give the more you get--- this is
universal law.

These are my golden nuggets of experience that have served
me well:

You won't ever make more income than your awareness will
allow you to keep. If you haven't ever made $10,000 in a
week, then, in order for you make that amount of income you
must do what is necessary to increase your skills to
achieve that level of attainment; a dream is not sufficient
enough, "action" gets it done.

Be a good listener, show confidence in all you do, document
your success because "a life worth living is a life worth
recording." Speak only when you have something of value to
share in conversation. No one likes a know-it-all.

Have compassion and empathy for others. Don't project your
fears and anxieties into other people. Stop leaning on
other people. Live your life to thrive beyond merely
surviving. Always look for opportunities to give your list
the praise that is due them (whether individually or not).

Give yourself permission to excel in all you do, have the
mindset that "I will not be denied. Finish what you start;
be on time; keep your word and always say "please & thank

Wealth is not only measured in dollars and cents. Don't
ever get caught up chasing the income. Wealth is measured
in how you can bond with your list & influence people. You
must let people know that "they can fight with you" for the
common good.

Don't you ever forget that you are in business to make it
profitable. That statement in itself implies that you are
going to risk your revenue to grow it. You must always have
total control of your sales-process (from beginning to
end). In other words, you have to own the cash-register.

The ones that communicate best make more income. The more
prospects that reside inside your sales-process; then, the
more likely they will buy what you sell. It is also easier
to sell if a customer has bought from you before.

People buy what they want, not what they need. Buying is an
emotional response for the buyer. So, don't spend your time
trying to convince people that what you are selling is
"what they need."

What they "need" is "what they want." Buying is not an
intellectual exercise for the buyer. They know better what
they need than you.

Make no mistake about it, if you continue to grow your list
and bond with them (with all your heart & soul) your list
will expand exponentially by follow my instructions and
training, guaranteed.
About the Author
Chris & Ted Morgan say, Start your Successful business building the right way. Ask for our free CDs & report .

Chaos 2 Cash (24hr)Recording 1-800-931-4906 Ext.54 © MMVII By Chris & Ted Morgan

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