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Reciprocity The Key To Riches

By Chris & Ted Morgan

Main Entry: rec·i·proc·i·ty
1 : the quality or state of being reciprocal : mutual
dependence, action, or influence

Main Entry: 1re·cip·ro·cal
1 shared, felt, or shown by both sides

Main Entry: re·cip·ro·cate
1 : to give and take mutually

If reciprocity is not in you, you cannot succeed in any
business venture. When it is in you, you have the law of
nature on your side.

The law of reciprocity always leads us to success. It is your
guarantee of your endeavors' successes. The laws of nature
always work, just like gravity & magnetism.

To get the law of reciprocity in your life, it is as simple
as, knowing it, applying and acting on its principles. Yet,
even though most of us know of it, we don't follow through
to apply and act on its principles.

To streamline your business you will need an online presence
as well as an off-line presence. Each reflects each other.
This is your first vital attempt at adding reciprocity to
your business.

The next vital component to consider is Leverage

Main Entry: 1le·ver·age
1 : the action of a lever or the mechanical advantage gained
by it
2 : POWER, EFFECTIVENESS (trying to gain more political

Network marketing is the most effective use of leverage in
business there is! If you are using it, it can make you
rich! Your riches will be tied to the exponential growth of
YOUR customer/prospect base (YOUR database/list).

Where most fail building lists, is not having TOTAL CONTROL
of their lists. They think that sending their prospects to
their affiliate links gives them total control of the list.
Not true for a couple of reasons.

When you join an affiliate program you become a distributor
of that company, so in essence you are not working YOUR OWN
BUSINESS, you're working your upline's business, the one
that signed you up (your sponsor).

Secondarily, you need to really read their company's TOS
(terms of service), it clearly states that you will only get
commissions on prospects you send through your affiliate
link and ultimately purchase their products/services, and
only the products/services that you are entitled to receive
a commission.

You get the commission, but the big winner is the company
because you added your prospect to THEIR list, not your own
list. I think that's kind of sneaky, don't you? I suggest
that you begin building and bonding YOUR OWN LIST.

By the way, this is your second way you can use reciprocity
as a tool to further bond with YOUR OWN LIST and grow your
business. All of your revenue you receive in network
marketing will be residual (ongoing revenue).

Sidebar: I am not saying that affiliate programs are bad
and to not use them (I use them from time to time as well as
using my own products/services); I am saying be aware of the
hidden dangers of working your business on assumptions and
not fact based, as apposed to working your business from
factual knowledge.

What I am about to reveal to you is not new by any means,
but is necessary for you to apply this principle to be in
line to receive more riches in your life than you ever
dreamed possible. "Your riches are tied to what you are
passionate about; it is tied to what you love."

This is so critically important it bears repeating.

"Your riches are tied to what you are passionate about; it
is tied to what you love."

I truly believe this is the most beneficial aspect of any
business' longevity & ultimately its prosperity. If you
build your business around what you're passionate about,
then all you need is for you to SERVICE YOUR LIST. Your
business list will be all those that have mutual
dependency in what your business stands for.

Until you understand & begin to use marketing in your
business, you have alienated and lost all touch with your
target market.

Main Entry: mar·ket·ing
1 a : the act or process of selling or purchasing in a
market b : the process or technique of promoting,
selling, and distributing a product or service

Main Entry: 2market
1 : to expose for sale in a market

As I mentioned earlier, your market have demonstrated a
clear interest in your business and what it stands for and
have a mutual dependency for it. To market to those in your
market, it's easier to sell to them when it is their idea to

People hate to be sold, so don't sell, market to them.
Knowing that, you need to have away to entice your prospects
to making a purchase.

This is how marketing works. All you do is make yourself
attractive; make not- buying the last thing your prospect
wants to do. This tactic works well, give your prospect
free samples.

I sell lemonade so my main product is lemonade. I set up my
stand and sell popcorn & salted roasted peanuts at the
bizarre. I give away free samples of the nuts & popcorn as a

On a hot day everyone likes popcorn or roasted peanuts, when
they smell it they got to have it, and more than that, they
can't get enough of it. Salt makes them thirsty so I provide
ice-cold lemonade. Get the idea?

Be bold, build your business from passion; build and bond
with YOUR OWN LIST & make it a point to continue building
your list every chance you get; your market will be those
that have a similar passion for your business and find it
can provide what they are looking for; offer free samples
and market to your targeted market.
About the Author
Chris & Ted Morgan say, Start your Successful business building the right way. Ask for our free CDs & report .

Chaos 2 Cash (24hr)Recording 1-800-931-4906 Ext.54 © MMVII By Chris & Ted Morgan

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