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Reverse the Aging Process?

By Farrell Seah

We will explore in depth the three cycles that make up the living cycles of our lives. When we are young our bodies make more cells than we wear out so we grow. When we reach middle age we replace cells at the same rate that we wear them out so we remain the same size. And when we reach old age then we wear out cells faster than we replace them.

The rejuvenation of cell growth is totally dependent upon the quality and vitality of our diets. Vitamin pills, Mineral supplements, Enzyme tablets and liquids that have been processed from various foods are all great things to sell to make money. It is easy to make them sound like miracle cures. It is easy to convince people that they will work because that is what people want to hear.

They want to find youth in a bottle. Well, the truth is actually even more simple than a pill! The truth is that the only really usable form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients is found in specific foods, prepared in ways that do not damage these elements.

When we eat the anti-aging diet then the aging process is totally slowed down and we are able to retain our youth for a much longer period of time. The processes and habits humankind has developed for preparing food over the past million years have contributed to shorter lifespans and the proliferation of disease. When you hear how to prepare foods so that they will be healthful you will say "Of course! Why didn't I think of that!" .

The principle behind the Anti-Aging Diet is a similar discovery to when medical doctors discovered 200 years ago that if they washed their hands in-between operations it prevented infection. This discovery revolutionized medicine and prevented an untold number of hospital deaths that used to be common occurrences. This is just such a discovery. It is just as simple as washing your hands! And just as obvious!

Sometimes we humans overlook the obvious because we are so blinded by our cleverness. We were so blinded by our cleverness in being able to perform operations that we didn't think of the very obvious truth that we were killing people through spreading germs from one sick person to another.

We are so blinded by our cleverness in creating delicious meals that we do not realize the very basic and simple way in which we are killing the nutrients in the foods! When you hear it you will understand completely. You will see the purest common sense in the basic philosophy of the Anti-Aging Diet. You will look at other people as though they are crazy to eat the way they do.

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