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Fit Over 40: Role Models For Excellence At Any Age!

By Farrell Seah

About five years ago Jon Benson, was sick, fat and slowly dying, he accidentally stumbled onto a simple secret that not only took off the excess weight and saved him from an early grave, but also exploded his energy and health to levels he never even dreamed possible. Since then, he has spent the last few years "tweaking" and perfecting this amazing health and fitness breakthrough and putting it into a format that YOU can use to get the same type of incredible results yourself.

Jon's lucky break came when he stumbled onto the work of Clarence Bass, author of "Lean For Life" and the "Ripped" book series and Dr. Richard Winett, author of "Ageless Athletes" and founder of "Master Trainer" magazine.

Here were two guys who knew how to maintain tremendous fitness and super low body fat at over 50 years of age. Clarence was tested at the Cooper Clinic in Texas with 2% body fat when he was 56 years old! Dr. Winett achieved 5% body fat and a 27½ inch waist at age 52!

Obviously, these guys knew something that Jon didn't...(but soon would learn).

As His search continued, He fell in love with the amazing stories (and physiques) of former Mr. Universe, Dave Draper, and former Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane. These men were bodybuilding legends in the 1960's & 1970's but, more impressively, they maintain unbelievable physiques today—in their 60s!

He was also influenced by fitness icon Shawn Phillips, trainer extraordinaire Roger Applewhite, the Fat Burning Diet Guru, Jay Robb, and Tom Venuto of "Burn The Fat" fame— now my business partner. His role models were becoming his friends, and he quickly learned how heavily influenced they are by the company they keep.

But most important of all...

Working with so many role models—up close and personal—allowed him to extract their secrets and literally "clone their success!" What Jon now know about modeling health and fitness can so dramatically transform your life—simply, quickly and cheaply—that He OWE it to you to share these secrets. And that's now become his JOB.

For the past several years, He has been passionately teaching what he has learnt through his website, newsletter and TTP-90 Total Transformation coaching program. His clients have enjoyed such breathtaking success, that he knew he absolutely HAD to find a way to share his "amazing discovery" in a much bigger way.


"Reveal 52 Real-World Role Models Ages 40-80 And Uncover Their Secrets To Defeating Father Time"
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