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Why Writing Your Own Web Content Virtually Guarantees Failure

By Sammer Hakim

Don't write your own sales materials. This includes web content, brochures or ads.

Business owners insist they're qualified copywriting specialists. They write their own web content then wonder why they aren't selling anything.

"It's only copywriting. It's not as if I'm going to be doing any of that complicated coding or programming stuff. I mean, anybody can do it - I'll just work on it gradually and save myself a lot of money from those guys charging me for it, yes? "


What you probably don't know is many of these copywriters write for a living. Their copywriting must bring in the goods or they don't eat. So it shouldn't surprise you to know that there are copywriting specialists specializing in every medium imaginable. Some are web content gurus; others are print ad specialists, while others are radio and television wizards.

Look at it this way...

While you sleep, eat and play, people are coming to your site and the only thing that is going to persuade them to do business with you is your copy. How do you know if your copy needs work?

If your sales materials or website:
Greet the visitor with 'Welcome To XYZ Homepage'...

Uses I, Us, Me & We more often than 'you'...

Talks about how great you and your company are...

Reads like a technical manual filled with jargon, then...

Your copy needs work! These are death warrants for anyone serious about making money. Writing your own content thinking you'll save money is a huge mistake. You won't sell anything, and then you'll end up paying a professional to redo it for you.
And that will cost you your time and money.

"But wait a minute, I've written my own content and my site is very successful thank you very much! I don't need a professional to do it."

Ok, let me challenge you.

I guarantee you if you put your site, side by side, same graphics, layout, everything and used a top copywriting service next to yours, I guarantee you the copywriting service will outsell you every time.

The point is this: Copywriting is a very specialized field - go at it alone at your own risk.
About the Author
Sammer Hakim is a Dallas-based copywriter serving clients worldwide and helping them with their sales materials. He can be reached at

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