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Don't Just Stand There - Say Something!

By Sammer Hakim

The biggest sales meeting of your life lurks. A sales meeting where you're career may well skyrocket if you close the deal. You're psyching yourself for the big 'Sales' day.

You press your clothes so crisply; you could swear the folds could cut you. When you're done, you lay in bed rehearsing your day tomorrow. You visualize yourself closing the biggest sale ever. Then after a few minutes, you slowly doze off.

Then you rise early still thinking sales.

You climb in the shower still thinking sales.

You put on your finest clothes, new shoes, spend 20 minutes on your hair and are meticulous about everything looking perfect.

As you grab your folder to head out, you give yourself a quick glance over in the mirror.

You think to yourself, you clean up pretty well. You quickly rehearse a few lines, poses and smiles. A few bursts of your best fragrance and you're set!

And yes, you're still thinking sales.

You get to the clients office and are warmly greeted. You take pride they noticed how immaculately groomed you are. They welcome you into their office and gently push the door until it clicks shut.

After a few words and glances around the office, it falls eerily silent.

This is it.

It all boils down to this.

You collect your thoughts, clear your throat, stand, take a deep breath, and look at your client square in the eye and you...

Just stand there. You don't say a word.

They raise their brows in puzzlement. Then tilt their head inquisitively wondering if you're ok.

And you just stand there rocking back and forth on the balls of your feet, lips curled inwards but looking great with your new clothes and shoes.

Ok, what does this have to do with your sales materials or website?


Well, you won't sell a damn thing looking pretty. You must "talk" or you will simply lose the business. Not just any talk. The right talk your clients respond to.

You may think

"Well, I do have content on my site and sales materials so 'I'm not just standing there, I AM saying something"

Re-imagine the above scenario. But you're mumbling and the client's face is squinting in aggravation trying to understand what you're saying. Or using abrasive language the client doesn't appreciate. Or present yourself in a way that makes you appear unprofessional, insecure or not confident. You don't mean to come across that way of course, but you do. Bottom line: You need help.

A professional copywriter will know exactly how to give you the best sales presentation possible for your product/service. They will grab your audience's attention, hold it and engage their minds towards buying from you. That's their job. They answer questions, overcome objections, ease fears and strengthen confidence in your business.

Isn't that a lot more valuable to you than just looking good?

It's no accident materials professionally written consistently outsell materials written by those who think there's nothing to it.

There's plenty to it because the fact you've read this far, proves engaging copy does what I claimed in this article!

About the Author
Sammer Hakim is a Dallas-based copywriter serving clients worldwide and helping them with their sales materials. He can be reached at

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