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Domain Names - Long Vs Short

By Sammer Hakim

It is a blessing in disguise that most one-word domain names are taken.

Nobody ever thought the Web would come this far as to develop a new law that allows you to use up to 67 characters in your domain name.

These characters can be as specific as you like thereby making your site a lot more attractive to users and search engines which grant them higher places.

The old days of single word names are virtually gone. As people become aware that longer keyword specific domain names drive qualified traffic to their sites, it is becoming the norm.

The realization that longer, specific, traffic driving domain names are far more profitable than traditional domains has seen a recent online frenzy. People are jostling for keyword rich domain names either for personal online use or to invest in them and sell them at a later date.

Those that have the foresight today can end up very rich tomorrow. Soon, companies with their larger buying power will start to make an aggressive move towards keyword rich domain names.

This totally destroys the once popular notions that domain names were supposed to be trendy and easy to remember.

With so much online traffic and congestion, the Web is evolving towards very specific domains that attract a specific group of people, seeking a very specific solution your product or service.

Domain name registration - why register a domain name?

Apart from identifying who you are and what you do, you want your site to draw ideal prospects to your product/service so you can convert them to buyers. You want a domain name to exude expertise and earn the buying public's trust.

Why did they introduce these 67 character domain names?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why but extending the number of characters gives keyword rich domain names higher rankings on search engines without any extra costs. Also, using dashes is a powerful and little known tactic only recently discovered.

It is easy to get carried away with keyword placement in your domain name because the 67 character rule tends to draw people into a false sense of security. YOU DO NOT have to use up all 67 characters!

Only use the specific ones that directly relate to your market. What the 67 allowance does is let you put in more keywords than usual and put dashes between words. This is very helpful if your search shows a large number of keywords.

Which keywords to target?

Use the top 200 keywords that are being searched on various search engines at Top Keywords as a guide.

Now gather and combine a concise list of keywords based on the top 200 keywords. Start writing out a number of possible domain names for your site. Now you need to make sure your first choice is available. If it is, then quickly register it before somebody else does!

The other advantage of having such focused keywords in your domain name is it filters unqualified visitors and saves the users time.

Competition is rapidly increasing at astronomical rates as the stakes for keyword-rich domains increases.

Years ago, laws were developed against buying out lucrative domain names and selling them for generous profits. Back then it was 'cyber-swatting'.

But it's very easy to get around. By registering keyword rich domains that resemble more popular sites you distinguish yourself from your competitors. You also create a domain that search engines love and attracts swarms of qualified prospects a very highly desirable trait for a domain to have!

One person bought a few hundred keyword domains just waiting for the right opportunity to sell them. This is a bit overboard but buying domain names may well prove to be a great long term investment.

Don't waste anymore time. Every delay means a potentially awesome domain name has been swallowed by somebody else. Click here now to search for your domain name.

You may try names like :

About the Author
Sammer Hakim is a Dallas based copywriter who has put together a domain name site to help out current and new business owners. See for more.

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