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Why DirecTV - Find a Good Direct TV Promotion

By David Johnson

DirecTV provides its audiences with 100 percent digital picture and sound giving it much better quality then cable. This happens when the professional who installs the equipment at your home links up the satellite to the DirecTV satellites currently orbiting the earth. DirecTV was first offered back in 1994 and quickly became one of the fastest selling electronic products to hit the market.

Currently DirecTV has a viewing base of more than 13 million subscribers and is constantly growing everyday. It has the best customer service ratings in the satellite TV industry. It isn't surprising with the free professional installation and high end equipment.

The DirecTV equipment consists of three different items including the dish that is about 18 inches, an integrated receiver decoder for inside your home, and a remote control. DirecTV has four high powered satellites that were build by Hughes Ele and another by Loral. These are currently orbiting 22,300 miles about the earth's equator. The satellites are specifically positioned so that each provides over 8 transponders at 240 watts each. This is nice because the dish doesn't have to be adjusted to receive programming.

In fact not only customers rate DirecTV with high standings. J. D. Power and Associates agree that DirecTV is number one rating them higher than any cable company in America. This could be because of their great customer service or maybe their large variety of channels and programming packages including some in high definition. There are about 225 high quality channels and access to twenty five sports channels. You also can purchase 30 additional premium selection channels.

One thing that separates DirecTV from any other provider is the NFL Sunday Ticket. No one else offers such complete coverage of the football season or can even compete with DirecTV on this one. This is a must for all true football fans.

DirecTV also leads the way by offering a personal digital video recorder (DVR) which will make the way you watch television and movies completely different. With a DVR you are able to watch any program you wish at any time by recording your favorite shows. Your DVR allows you to store up to 70 hours worth of video.

The DirecTV remote control comes with the record, pause, fast forward, rewind, and skip forward. This allows you to pause and resume live television shows or games making it possible for you to answer the phone and not miss a moment of action.

When you decide to switch to DirecTV the installation process is professional and quick. The dish can easily be mounted on the outside of any house, office, apartment, store, or basically any type of building.

With all of the great things DirecTV has to offer you might be surprised to learn that it is even cheaper then most local cable to providers. Not only will you get higher quality on a bigger range of channels but you will also be getting it at a price cheaper than cable. You may be able to find a great offer online that can start as low as $19.99.
About the Author
Written by David Johnson. Find more information on a Free Directv Promotion as well as Direct TV Promotions.

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