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Sibling Rivalry


Sibling rivalry is the most feared concept in all of parenthood. It is hard to be excited about a new arrival when thoughts of tantrums and a lifetime of squabbles come to mind. A bit of jealousy is to be expected with a new arrival, but does not need to remain the rule in a household. There are simple ways to help your older child adjust to his new role in the house that foster affection and enjoyment for everyone.

It is feared throughout the world. Sibling rivalry is one of the most worrisome aspects of parenthood, and in many cases there is simply no way to prevent it. Almost all children will go through a spell of jealousy over the arrival of a new sibling, but savvy parents are able to help guide their children through this world of complex emotions quickly and carefully.

Honor the Older Child
The toddler of the household undergoes a huge transformation in a matter of moments. He has spent his entire life being adored as the delightful baby of the household, only to suddenly find himself playing second fiddle to a new baby that just lays there. This can be very confusing and overwhelming for little ones.

For this very reason, parents must be responsible for making Big Brother the most important person in the house. Sure there is a new baby, but Big Brother is the one that baby will look to for guidance. Only Big Brothers are old enough to play games and sing songs.

Perhaps parents can encourage this creativity by providing special gifts. Chef aprons and hats are perfect for playing in the kitchen set that little babies aren't old enough for. My First Piano can encourage creativity while keeping older brothers distracted from all the baby gawking the new arrival is receiving. Small items such as baby jewelry from sites such as can make this transformation more settling, especially if the older child receives the coveted "Big Sis" bracelet.

Mama's Big Helper
In addition to her new role as Big Sister, the older child takes on the role as Mama's Helper. Only Big Sister is knowledgeable enough to know how to hand mom the right spoon or diaper. Everyone loves to be needed, and young children are no different. Of course, their help can be exasperating at times, but try to remember the sense of accomplishment your little one feels every time she hands you the fifth pair of socks or a used bottle.

One of the most meaningful times to help with a new baby is bedtime. Bedtime routines generally entail a bath, some soothing time, and a snack. Let your toddler help with bath time. Perhaps he can show the baby how to play with boats or even wield a washcloth. High quality bath-time products such as Noodle and Boo skin care from are perfect for splashing in the tub with both siblings. Once all babies are snug in their pajamas, let Big Brother read his favorite story to his little sister.

Encourage the older child to find ways to entertain the baby. Many toddlers will appreciate the rapt attention for their endless songs and dances. Find ways to work these into the evening routine for fun and soothing family togetherness. Allowing an older child to be himself as he adjusts to his new role will go a long way in finding success. A few rough patches are to be expected, but over time, the planning and careful attention of parents should smooth the path considerably.

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