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A step by step guide to relocating

By Ken Wilson

Moving preparations should start months before the moving day. This is the happiest of all cases, when New York movers' seekers have time and they can afford to carefully plan their actions and work closely with the New York moving companies. But when you are in a terrible hurry and you only have lees than a month to get organized and everything packed, then just about anyone tends to get blocked and do a lot of mistakes.

As soon as you know you'll be moving, have an "inventory session" to decide what you need to take with you and what you can get rid of and begin sorting out and disposing of items you don't need either by organizing a "garage sale" or by using an online auction service. In case you donate unwanted clothing or household goods to charitable organizations, obtain receipts showing the items´ approximate value for possible tax deductions. With pets and plants, there is a particularly delicate situation. New York movers cannot safely move your plants because they may suffer from lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in the van, so look for alternatives: give them to friends or relatives; donate them to a hospital or other organization or, why not, include them in a garage sale.

Some of the aspects that need to be dealt with in the early stages of your relocating process include gathering information about schools in the new community, if you have a school-age child, and looking into child care options. If your spouse has a job, s/he should give required notice of termination and get a referral letter and also update his/her resume for finding a job at your new location.

New York moving companies are very keen on being notified on time if you add or subtract items from your planned move or if there are any changes in dates. You have to make sure that you supply your New York movers with destination address and phone numbers where you can be reached. Should there be any extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods to a location other than the main pickup or delivery points, these need to be confirmed in writing. If you don't want to sell your car, be prepared to drive it to a suitable loading site indicated by the New York moving company, for being moved as well. Also, be prepared to pick up your car at an appropriate destination location, at your choice after being discussed with your New York mover.

All these need to be done anytime you want, but before the final stage. This final stage is the most demanding and stressful of the entire relocation process. But what do we mean by "the final stage"? This wording refers to the day before moving, the moving day itself and after you move. New York movers, including here a trustworthy company we discussed with, always make their customers aware about the actions that need to be done at this point and how important is for everything to be done on time.

The day before moving is dedicated to working with the packers sent by your New York moving company, while the moving day and a certain period after you move you need to work directly with the New York mover. Packers need to be clearly pointed out which are the extra-fragile items needing special attention and which items you do not want packed or moved, as well as cartons you will want first when the van arrives at destination. Things you definitely want packed together, such as children's toys, must be collected and placed in separate groups. If you are doing your own packing, make sure everything is ready to go before moving day. Upon arrival, the van operator will check to see if boxes have been properly packed and taped. New York moving companies advise their customers to unplug all electronic appliances 24 hours in advance of a move, except plasma televisions, so that they will be at room temperature on moving day. This includes home computers, stereos, and audio/video equipment.

Customers need to be on hand when the service representative arrives to prepare your appliances for shipment. It is your responsibility to see that all mechanical and electrical equipment is properly serviced for shipping prior to the arrival of the moving van at your expense. It is also your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded during the moving day, so remain on the premises until loading is complete. After making a final tour of the house, check and sign the inventory. Get your copy from the van operator and keep it together with the Bill of Lading/Freight Bill and High-Value Inventory form. Make sure the van operator sent by your New York mover has the exact destination address and that he knows how you can be reached, including phone numbers, pending the arrival of your household goods. Finally, take a last look around to see if you left anything, by mistake.

After you move, you need to focus on accepting the delivery. Check your household goods as they are unloaded. If there is a change in the condition of the property from that noted on the inventory at the time of loading or if any items are missing, note discrepancies on the van operator's copy of the inventory sheet. By signing the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed, so make sure you know what you sign. Personally report any damage or loss to the salesperson or move coordinator appointed by the New York moving company.
About the Author
Armed with this step-by-step guide, customers will avoid transforming their relocating experience into a nightmare. They will clearly know how to work with the New York moving companies and handle any situation arose as fault of the New York movers or independent of them.

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