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Finding Chicks Online

By The Doll Palace

Everyone is on the internet these days. Even schools are realizing how much good information and skills are contained within the World Wide Web. You, of course, have been on the internet since you could first find the keys, and have loved it even longer. You are a master of the online games, videos, and jokes. You know all the good sites and how to get around any firewalls your school or job might try to put in your path. You only seem to have one problem these days.

Where are the Girls?
Sure, we all know there are girls online. A startling percentage of them seem to be willing to shed their clothes, but what about the real girls? The kind you might actually stand a chance talking to? For the longest time you were more interested in finding the great sites for guys, but you've missed something crucial. Where do the girls hang out?

Go Where the Girls Go
Girls around your age seem to go pretty logical places. They go to sites where they can do the things they love best. Most kids are familiar with MySpace and the like. They have accounts, but short of visiting with your own friends from school, you never quite know who to trust on websites like that.

A lot of other girls enjoy sites where they can visit and play the sorts of games that interest them. One of the largest girl games online are the online dress up games available on sites such as Girls can create their own cartoon dolls and discuss their hobby with others interested in the same thing. You might not be interested in the dolls, but you are certainly interested in the creators of these dolls.

Build a Reputation
Sure, you aren't particularly interested in playing dress up, but you might be surprised at how entertaining it can be. Since you can't just barge into the site and start flirting, you need to gain a bit of experience and find quality ways to contribute. Girls love to answer questions, so perhaps you can "help" your little sister out by asking about important things or trying to get tips on how to create the best dolls.

It's never good to lie online since those sorts of things come back to haunt you, so you would do well to actually get your sister involved. Then she can develop a new hobby with lots of girls who might be interested in talking to her older brother who happens to be nice enough to help her out.

Play it Safe
Any girl (or guy) worth her salt is going to be cautious online. These girls don't know really know you, and you don't really know them. Trying to flirt too soon or saying something inappropriate might not only get you a bad reputation as an internet psycho, it might also get you banned from respectable sites. Follow the same rules you would offline. Be friends first, and then maybe flirt a little. Get to know others and find common interests. Who knows you might also really develop a thing for dolls.
About the Author
This article was provided by The Doll Palace - creator of doll makers and fashion dress up games for girls. For more information about cartoon dolls, avatars and The Doll Palace, visit

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