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Dangers Of Dieting - Dieting Truths You Need To Know

By Maisy Day

Dangers of dieting - yes you heard right, dangerous diets. We are all aware of the facts on healthy eating and of the benefits i.e. keeping the weight down. To follow a well balanced diet encourages a healthier rewarding lifestyle. Healthy diets will most evidently help towards keeping you in shape and a state of well being - but on the other hand we have those eating plans that do not point out the dangers of dieting.

Dangers of dieting where rapid weight loss occurs is most commonly found in young teens who feel pressured into losing weight, especially after flicking through a glossy magazine full of slim line models that grace the catwalk.

To avoid the dangers of dieting always speak with your doctor or dietician. Bear in mind that any diet on which you eat fewer calories than you should, like an 800 calorie-per-day diet for instance - is very dangerous. Warning - look out for diets that don't allow any fat, these are not good for you and should be avoided. The reason why is - we all need a certain amount of fat - up to 30% of your total calories. Although needless to say that a low-fat diet may be fine, do not follow a diet that is completely free of fat.

Don't be tempted by a diet that encourages the dangers of dieting - such as a total ban or strict restrictions on certain food groups. A diet plan that states no bread or pastas and only permits the consumption of fruit is unhealthy. Your body needs vitamins of which you will not get by following dangerous diet plans as such.
You can brush aside those worring words - the dangers of dieting if you have selected the right plan to follow in your quest for weight loss.

Dieting means restricting calories or cutting down on certain food types. Remember that cutting out particular foods can prove to be very dangerous indeed. Always ask questions on matters that may give you reason for concern. Abstaining from certain food types can lead to poor growth and other health problems.

Do not be egged on by the magazine models with pouting lips and bony skeletal frames because, surely by looking at their appearance i.e. no flesh on the body can not hide the fact that they chose to ignore the signs of the dangers of dieting.
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