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The Ideal way to Weight Loss

By Suga vanash

Obesity is a new disease affecting millions of people throughout the world particularly in the developed countries. What is the significance of this disease? Why is it essential to reduce body weight? What will be the consequence it an obese individual does not drop weight? How over weight can be reduced in an obese individual? These are the questions which will arise in one's mind. You can find answer for these questions in this articles.

Obese individuals are more prone for the development of diseases like Ischemic heart disease, gall stones, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, carcinoma breast, carcinoma endometrium and so on. That is why obesity is considered as a serious disease. If an obese individual does not reduce his weight in proper time, be will develop one (or) more of these diseases.

More over the disturbed physical figure due to excessive weight will lead to a stressful life in the obese which will lead to decreased productivity in life. Hence reduction of weight is the ideal way to stay free from diseases. There are various ways for reduction of body weight.

Persons who are a bit overweight can reduce their weight by the assistance of a dietitian and a health professional. In take of a low calorie diet with less of fats (< 30% of total calorie intake with saturated fat < 10% of total calorie intake) can reduce the body weight.

Exercise is another mode of weight reduction. Swimming and daily walking helps in reducing body weight. Aerobic exercises also help. These exercises will burn excess calories and strengthen the muscles which will allow the person to burn food intake and lose weight.

Obese persons who are not able to reduce their weight by these measures can go for anti-obesity drugs. Many drugs are available in the market. The choice of anti obesity drugs should be based on effectiveness and side effect freeness. Some natural and many synthetic drugs are available. Hoodia is one such natural anti obesity drug with no side effects.

Reducing body weight is not an easy thing. Body weight can be reduced only with the commitment of the obese individuals.
About the Author
Suga vanash is a writer and researcher for health-advice organization. He writes informative articles for hoodia weight loss subject. For more information on hoodia visit Hoodia

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