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Sore Nipples - Weaning Baby Off The Nipple Tipple

By Maisy Day

Sore nipples are a condition that is the cause behind discomfort and stress for most women and especially more so for the mother who has a baby that enjoys a tipple from mummy's nipple. Babies love their mums to nestle - and not wrestle with them at feeding times.
In the early days of breastfeeding sore nipples is sometimes unavoidable. What you need to remember at this stage is the difference between the meaning of sore and painful. Pain at feed times could be a sign that you need to make changes so that feeding sessions is more comfortable for both you and your new born baby.

Babies have an unbelievable strong suction - which therefore can result in the nipple area becoming tender. When baby comes in contact with the nipple it stretches the breast tissue. Experience from this may feel like a pulling sensation which evidently points to why the discomfort. When the infant sucks and the milk begins to flow, breastfeeding becomes more bearable i.e. easing the sore nipples. You may notice after time (2-4 days) breast soreness will ease. If the baby is not positioned right during his or her feed then this can be the cause of the discomfort. Help and advice is available for those unsure as what is the correct way for breastfeeding.

Pain felt at feed time that persists longer than seven days or more can indicate another problem other than what would be expected from the way the infant is latching-on or sucking. Do not ignore this condition because nipple soreness can worsen where the nipple develops painful cracks. Breastfeeding is an experience you should look forward to - not one you dread.
Do not suffer in silence talk to your midwife or doctor about your concerns. Thinking about weaning your baby off the breast, if so, then it is good idea to test baby formulas to see which one your baby is satisfied and content with. If you are counting the pennies why not collect free baby samples of baby formula from the free baby products being offered online. Find out what baby freebies are up for grabs below.

Success in breast feeding results in more content babies. Sore nipples do not normally have to relate to breastfeeding. Persisting symptoms that continue to go beyond the early weeks or develop after months of pain-free breastfeeding can be the result of something other than that of the baby not positioned comfortably. Another known cause for sore breast nipples is the Candida infection. A good way to help prevent sore nipples is to pay more attention to how your new born baby takes to the breast. Babies can develop poor nursing habits if this matter is not corrected.

When you nestle (position) you're baby onto the nipple - double check on how the infant is latching on. If this is correctly done then you will feel the sucking pressure of his or her tongue/gums is on the areola (the pigmented area around the nipple), rather than on the sensitive nipple itself. There is also a possibility that your baby is not getting enough breast tissue into his or her mouth if not comfortable. Certain signs that show the nipples are not far enough back in the baby's mouth during sucking is that of a horizontal red stripe across the tip of the nipple or a temporary indentation at the base.

Babies are too young to let you know if their bellies are filled. What you do not want is the baby's gums chomping at the base of the nipple instead of on the areola over the milk sinuses because they may have difficulty in getting enough milk. Try feeding baby on the side that is least tender. If you need to release the breast that is painful then switch the infant over to that nipple after you have had a milk-ejection reflex. Women say the pain eases after the milk is flowing.
Sore nipples do not last forever. Remember by varying the positions from one feeding to the next - changes the distribution of pressure on the areola and nipple during sucking - therefore leaving you bonding with a well fed content baby.
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