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Personal Protection Basics to Keep Danger at Bay

By Julia Burton

Nowadays, no one can say that he is completely safe from violent
crimes. And the best way to reduce the risks of criminal attacks is
observing sensible precautionary measures. Many people already carry
this out, frequently not even realizing it.

So how can you keep yourself safe?

The following are safety precautions that you can observe to avoid
unwanted incidents at home, in the streets, in the workplace, and
while on travel:

When you go outside of the house, have your friends or family
accompany you. It is not advisable to go out alone especially at
night. Refrain from carrying with you credit cards or large sums of
cash that you do not need. When you have called for delivery
services, make sure you¡¯re letting the right people in the house.
Ask for their identification documents, or if you feel worried, call
the company for verification. Do not disclose any personal
information to anyone over the phone. Be aware of dubious callers
who try to ask for your bank account or credit card numbers, phone
cards, or even home address.

When on the streets, choose busy sidewalks and stay away from
passing dark and vacant lots. Carry your wallet close to you, and
have a solid clutch on it. You may try to carry a whistle or other
sound-making device that may come handy in case of emergency. Stay
alert while in subways, buses, or other public modes of
transportation; hit a stance which gives you an impression that you
are confident, calm and familiar of the whereabouts of the place.
Believe in your instincts; if someone or something makes you feel
troubled, leave as soon as you can to get away from the situation.
Be cognizant of the locations of police stations and assistance

It is also valuable to your personal security if you remain vigilant
even in your workplace. If you plan to work late, request the
security personnel or a co-employee to accompany you to your car.
Make certain that there is a selected meeting area in case an
emergency breaks out, and that every worker is informed about it.
Always have a list of emergency and important numbers such as fire
and security assistance placed on your desk.

When traveling, it is also wise to observe some security basics.
While in the airport, avoid showing off expensive gadgets like
computers and cameras and other luxurious belongings that might
entice attention. Stay attentive to your bags always. Hold firmly
your wallet or put it in your front pocket. Prepare a personal
record of your checked bags and their stuffing. Do not hesitate to
call immediately for assistance from authorized personnel if you
need help.

And when you arrive in the hotel, keep all doors locked. Discover
the locations of elevators, emergency exits and public phones.
Inquire from the hotel staff about the security of the locality and
what areas are to be stayed away from. Handle your room keys
securely; do not put them in areas where they may be left behind or

But in times when the worst happens and you get assaulted by
someone, would you strike back or would you wait to flee? The option
is yours to make, but if you are prepared for all the possibilities,
you could provide yourself with an instant advantage. If you get
threatened, shout for help. You may make use of personal protection
devices such as pepper sprays, stun guns, or alarms if you have one.
This may frighten the attacker off.
About the Author
At you can find a wide variety of personal protection products
like stun guns,
pepper sprays, personal alarms and more.

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