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Why A Home Security Camera Is Your Best Defence Against Unwanted Visitors!

By Dean Caporella

Home security cameras have become a powerful weapon in the fight against crime and while they don't guard your home in a physical sense, their ability to cast a watchful eye over your most valuable possession and their deterrent aspect make home security cameras a worthwhile investment.

The difficulty with most home owners is choosing the right level of protection to suit their needs. You need to consider and analyse what area you live in; is your home on a main thoroughfare and exposed to strangers; do you live in a secluded area where observation from neighbors is restricted or do you simply want peace of mind and are content in the knowledge you have at least taken every precaution in maintaining adequate measures to deter intruders.

Home security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and continue to make some amazing leaps in technological advancement. Lets briefly examine some of the options available to you.

Outdoor Coverage

Depending on your budget, outdoor security cameras form the first line of defence against intruders. Today, security systems have the ability to record real time events through motion sensors. However, not every camera is created equal. Some things to consider are is the camera going to be weather resistant. Will it be exposed to elements such as wind, rain and snow? When shopping for your outdoor home security cameras make sure the material it's made from is resistant to the outside elements. Take particular note if it is layered with extra protective material. This will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras are versatile in the fact they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The beaty of dome cameras is apart from their ability to resist the elements, they are unobtrusive and even if spotted by an intruder, the problem for them is they cannot tell where the camera is actually pointing. A dome security camera gives you the edge over unwelcome visitors.

Wireless Or Hidden

As a cost saver, hidden or wireless security cameras are an excellent investment. Whether you want to keep an eye on babysitters, nannies or the kids, they are very stealth like in the application. Wireless models have the added advantage of being accessed from a computer with an internet connection or even smart phone applications.

Fake Cameras

As the name implies, fake security cameras are just that but don't underestimate their effectiveness. For those working on a tight budget, they are an excellent alternative to the real thing. They look like real security cameras and even come with indicator lights. In most instances, an intruder will not know the difference.

Home security cameras vary quite dramatically in price but as mentioned earlier, do some analysis of what you really require. Your circunstances will dictate your camera security needs.
About the Author
Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Give yourself the best chance of keeping intruders at bay with a home security camera plus get the latest security camera news and reviews at:

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