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Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms: Fire Protection for your home

By Tuesday Knight

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control's Fire Death and Injuries fact sheet, four out of five U.S. fire deaths in 2005 occurred in the home. Is your
home protected with a wireless interconnected smoke alarm system so that if a fire was to start anywhere in your house, your family would know immediately and have the time needed to escape?

The technology of the wireless interconnected smoke alarm system greatly increases the likelihood that the occupants of a home will have the needed time to escape from a fire. This greatly reduces the chance of injury or death.

Homes that were built after 1993 are required to have interconnected smoke alarm systems built into the home. An interconnected smoke alarm system works on the principle that once a fire starts in one area of a home, all of the alarms in the home will sound; not just the alarm where the fire has started. Think about the extra time that gives the occupants to leave the home safety.

Suppose that you are sleeping in an upstairs bedroom with your children in adjacent rooms, and a fire starts in another area of your home. Imagine this scenario without an interconnected smoke alarm system installed in your home. By the time the smoke alarms near your bedrooms detect smoke, it is too late! Your family would now have to blindly navigate through thick clouds of dark smoke and intense fire engulfing the house. They may be forced to jump from a window or wait to be rescued by the fire department's hook and ladder.

If the home had been equipped with an interconnected smoke alarm system, the same situation would have a much safer ending. With this system in place, as soon as the fire started, all of the interconnected alarms would sound off simultaneously. With this fire system in place, your family would have been immediately awakened before the smoke had advanced upstairs to the bedrooms and engulfed the sleeping quarters in smoke.

Homes that were built prior to 1993 were not required to have an interconnected smoke alarm system. Now these older homes can easily have the same unsurpassed protection of an interconnected system with the simple installation of wireless interconnected smoke alarms. There is no need to break through walls and hardwire the smoke alarms to the electrical system. The wireless interconnected smoke alarm system uses radio waves to interconnect the smoke alarms throughout the house. The cost is much less than a hardwired interconnected system and it is a very simple installation process. The smoke alarms are placed in all areas of the home as simply as you would place a smoke alarm that is not in an interconnected system. It is that easy and offers so much more protection than traditional smoke alarms.

To further protect your family, there are some other innovative fire safety products that are available today. One such product is a smoke alarm that gives voice commands to wake your family up. Studies have been conducted that indicate children will wake up to the sound of a voice much sooner than to the sounding of an alarm. Also, hearing- disabled older adults can not hear some sounds at certain decibel levels. These newer alarms are programmed with the proper decibel level to cater to children and adults. This type of alarm can be purchased from one manufacturer along with its wireless interconnected smoke alarm system. Now a homeowner can have the added protection of an interconnected system along with the assurance that all members of the household will awaken with the sounding of the alarm.

Fire protection and preparedness is important to the safety of your family. With four out of five fire deaths occurring in the home, today's innovative new products such as the wireless interconnected smoke alarm system and voice smoke alarms can give you the assurance that you are doing everything in your power to keep your family as safe as possible in case of a fire.
About the Author
Matthew Kane is CEO of Select Safety Sales which specializes in safety products for the home and business. In order to learn more about the benefits of the Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm System visit his website

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