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Does free VoIP really exist?

By Anupam Agnihotri

VoIP is a kind of phone service over high-speed Internet connection. One can have access to this technology through two services, one is phone based and another is computer based. By phone-based technology, you can use your regular phone with the help of ATA, or use your computer with microphone. Through this service, call is sent over the Internet instead of over copper wires. Initially, this technology was free now gone are such days however, some companies like Skype, level three,, Gee-fon, Packet8, etc. do provide free VoIP services. These companies are offering such free access, since there is no phone company or long distance provider involved; there are no monthly fees and long distance toll charges. Nevertheless, if you want free VOIP service, you are required to have a broadband Internet connection, and for this, you have to pay. One of these free VoIP software packages, you can place PC-to-PC calls across the Internet.

In order to make PC-to-Phone calls, you have to install a VoIP gateway. Then you need to fasten your VoIP gateway up to the Public Switched Telephone Network and for that you will have to pay the telephone company. If you acquire a VoIP phone, you can use a normal-looking phone to place PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone calls. This is often more convenient than using your PC to place phone calls. Free VoIP services allow you to make a PC-to-PC call to another user using a headphone and a microphone. You just have to download the free software found on these websites. Once downloaded, all you need to do is just register yourself and you can enjoy free services. With the net phone service you can create a free phone line based from your home or work number. This let you to enjoy roam free VoIP service from anywhere, till you have an internet connection.

However, there is a restriction that both the user should have software downloaded from a same company. Another restriction is that you can call only to the members of other free VOIP services while paying subscribers can call anyone with a telephone, whether it is connected to the Internet or not. Moreover, you cannot make call into the public telephone network, similarly those on a public network cannot call you. This is because someone has to pay the infrastructure to tie the Internet to the telephone system and has to pay for the call time used on the telephone system. Some free VOIP service providers now offer customers the opportunity to call anyone, whether members of the service or not with lower rates than conventional long-distance providers.
However whole transaction is not as free as it seems since you have to invest in a microphone that is specially equipped with an analog-to-digital converter called ATA, and a USB connector, also you have to pay for you internet connection.
About the Author
Anupam Agnihotri is a high profile technical writer and business consultant and provide you latest information about various Voip products available in the market. Read more on Free Voip.

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