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Cheap telephone calls with broadband phone services

By Clint Jhonson

Making phone calls through the Internet is the technology which enables cheap telephone calls, be they operated on a local basis or on a long-distance one. Broadband phone services or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) rule over Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines, which are the regular landlines, first of all by means of this aspect concerning costs. Other advantages, summed up, advantages which are not made available by a regular PSTN, mainly relate to digital features only VoIP service providers can offer: conference, voicemail, caller ID, music-on-hold, and many others.

The number one requirement of VoIP services is that you make sure you are connected to high-speed Internet. The requirement is imposed by several VoIP codecs which need a bandwidth higher than the one provided by dial-up. At the same time, higher bandwidth is equal to time saving and voice quality preserving, preventing the delays which may occur with dial-up. Moreover, even if you make really cheap telephone calls, it does not mean that the quality of VoIP services has to suffer; with VoIP, cheap telephone calls also mean high-quality calls; and high-quality calls are equal to broadband connections.

Are traditional phone companies becoming nervous about the cheap telephone calls that subscribers can make by requiring the services of VoIP providers? Well, they should, because it is not only cheap telephone calls which make VoIP a valid and increasingly attractive choice, but also the supplementary advantages which are either provided for a fee by regular PSTNs or they are not provided at all. For instance, caller ID or call waiting, which are commonly a reason of supplementary charge for the conventional landlines, are more often than not offered for free or otherwise very low charged by VoIP service providers.

The same cheap telephone calls are maintained even if you choose to talk with your whole family at once. Due to three-way calling conferences, this is another application which sets VoIP at an advantage as compared to what a landline offers.

You can even travel with your broadband phone services active and you can surely rely on their functionality. Are you traveling abroad on a business trip and think about setting an agreement with your cell phone communication provider so as to enable international phone calls? Are you thinking about the supplementary costs of this extra service? With broadband phone services and a previous attentive searching of your ITSP's (Internet Telephony Service Provider) calling offers, you will see that cheap telephone calls remain within your scope even if you leave the country. You can talk with your family or with business associates and not worry about conversation costs which could damage your budget.

Are you moving away from your current location? Do you worry that keeping in touch with your friends, relatives and other acquaintances, whom you are practically leaving in another state, will mean long-distance call charges which won't allow you to talk with them as long and as often as you imagined? Well, in fact, there is no need to worry; not even in this case, since opting for a local number within broadband phone services is possible even if you move away from the locality. This means, indeed, that long-distance calls for which a regular landline would have charged you considerably remain the cheap telephone calls you use to make on a local basis.

And remember, the telecommunication market is highly competitive nowadays, so offers, promotional packages, free features are a recurrent phenomenon in the business of Voice over Internet Protocol enabled conversations. If you worry that you won't be able to make a phone call to a regular landline destination, you worry in vain. The costs are, once again, maintained as low as possible while you are calling from your computer or from your softphone a dear friend who is registered as a subscriber to a regular PSTN line. Therefore, even if cost-effectiveness is what initially attracts customers towards VoIP services, at a certain point they become aware that the providers of such high-quality assistance in communication will also render available a number of applications otherwise impossible to get or too pricey with the regular landline. Cost-effectiveness and these supplementary advantages are the facts which determine more and more people to require the services of an ITSP.
About the Author
cheap telephone calls and VoIP enabled communication go hand in hand. The benefit goes on a double way: to the customer and to the ITSP able to attract as many customers as possible.

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