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VoIP tutorial: Acquainting you to the real communication revolution

By John

VoIP is the force of the following century that is marking the communication world. Since it is a new technology, only few people are cognizant about the functioning and the utility of this mode. Here follows a VoIP tutorial that will definitely help you to know the different aspects of VoIP and how to get the VoIP service. It also scans the obstacles, which have to get rid of, before VoIP service is adopted on an extensive basis.

First, you should consider the needs that are catered by the VoIP technology, like various business need. However, you can go for it just to take the experience of the new technology. If you have a big business then definitely VoIP can do for you a lot many things. It can make your access to the far end of the world from anywhere along with saving your money. To do this what you need that you should have thorough knowledge of the VoIP providers. Since there are so many VoIP providers and services that you can pick any one that best suits your need. Moreover, these services offer different plan with varying features that also save your money.

The best way to make you up to date is switch over to websites where VoIP companies are putting forth their stunning feature and prices. Then you can go for different plans that satisfy your needs most perfectly. Generally, VoIP services offer residential plan and business plans however, there are some companies that offer some features free of cost. If you want to use VoIP for personal use, you have an access to an unlimited plan that provides unlimited local and long distance calls or to limited talk time plan. Business plan offers you so may stunning features like call waiting, caller ID, fax, transfer capabilities, repeat dialing, anonymous call blocking, call hunt, transfer capabilities three-way calling and video and audio conferencing. If you just want to take the VoIP experience then some companies like Skype and adcalls offers free VoIP services all you need to do is you just down load a free VoIP enabled Instant Messengers from their sites, however the person whom you will talk with should also have loaded that similar software.

VoIP is a kind of phone service over high-speed Internet connection. One can have access to this technology through two services, one is phone based and another is computer based. By phone-based technology, you can use your regular phone with the help of ATA, or use your computer with microphone. Through this service, call is sent over the Internet instead of over copper wires. In order to make PC-to-Phone calls, you have to install a VoIP gateway. Then you need to fasten your VoIP gateway up to the Public Switched Telephone Network. These services enable you to make your phone calls to traditional phone services along with computer. These services get you connected with internet and your call is send through internet. This not only saves your time but also your money. After this, you have the option either to have your old phone number or to take a new number. If family members or colleague and friends do not have unlimited long distance calling options, choosing the same area code as theirs can save money.

As VoIP technology advances, many other features will come into forth. You can always upgrade it later once your necessities change.
About the Author
John is a high profile technical writer and business consultant and provide you latest information about various Voip products available in the market. Read more on VoIP tutorial.

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