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How Does A Home Security System Work?

By Robert Goldsmith

Home Security System are used throughout the United States and the world, people know what
Burglar alarms are and what they are used for. Nevertheless they may not know how
they operate. Let's see how this protection system works in detail.

The Circuit

Home Security Systems are a simple electric circuit. To open or close a light, you simply
throw a switch. In a burglar alarm it's the same except the switch detects the
movements of the intruder such as the opening a door or window.

Two categories

In a closed-circuit system, the electric circuit is closed when the door is shut. This
means that as long as the door is closed, electricity can flow from one end of the
circuit to the other. But if somebody opens the door, the circuit is opened, and
electricity can't flow. This triggers an alarm.

In an open-circuit system, opening the door closes the circuit, so electricity begins to
flow. Also in this system, The Alarm is triggered when the circuit is completed.

Magnetic sensor
A magnetic sensor in a closed circuit consists of a few simple components.

- a battery powering a circuit
- a spring-driven metal switch built into a door frame
- a magnet embedded in the door, lined up with the switch
- a separately-powered buzzer with a relay-driven switch.

Control box

The control box is hooked up to one or more alarm circuits, but it also has its own
power supply, just in case there is a power failure the control box will still be able o function. Once the alarm is triggered, the control box won't cut it off until
somebody enters a security code at a connected keypad. In most installations the
control box is kept in a veered place so that the burglar can't even think of disabling it
then the alarm goes off.

About the Author

Robert is a Freelance Writer For They Specialize In All Kinds of Burglar Alarm. No Matter What Kind Of Security You Are Looking For Whether It Be A Basic Home Burglar Alarm, Or A State Of The Art Burglar Alarm System You Can Find More Information Here.

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