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Article Marketing & List Building: How to Promote Your Ezine & Build Your Own Hyper-Responsive List

By Eric Gruber

Your online financial power comes from having your own information products, services, and programs that you can market to your targeted, ideal prospects. It's nearly impossible to make really big money online, without a targeted list of prospects.

Every successful marketer both the direct marketer and the Internet Marketer, will tell you that the gold is in your list! "Build your list. Build your list", they say. But, if you can't get that list, the gold stays put at the end of the Internet rainbow you're chasing.

Here's How You Can Promote Your Ezine So You Can Start Building Your List of Prospects Who Want to Hear From You Right Now:

1. Find the best sites, directories and ezines that accept article submissions.

You need to find websites that are highly visited and ezines that are the most read. But more important, you want to focus on websites and ezine publishers within your specific niche that have strong emotional connections with your targeted audience. Through our research for best-selling author Mark Hyman MD, we found information for a popular editor. is among the top 50 sites on the net today. With just one submission to, Dr. Hyman built his opt-in subscriber list and helped push his book, "UltraMetabolism," to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List.

2. Write a 500-750 word article that increases credibility, establishes you as the expert, improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings, and builds a targeted list of ezine subscribers you've been dreaming of all at the same time.

Writing and marketing articles online is the most effective, most cost-effective way to publicize your website, and promote your products, services and ezines online. The Web is a printing press with an insatiable appetite for articles written by experts. There are literally millions of websites and ezines that are begging for good articles.

The articles that get the best results are the ones that provide unique, high quality content that solve at least one piece of a problem puzzle. However, to convert readers to buyers, you must not give the reader all of the answers to the "HOW" to solve a particular problem. If you gave them all the answers, they would have no reason to click on the link in your bio box and you lose the perfect opportunity of converting readers into actual sales leads.

3. Turn Readers Into Prospects With A Strong Call For Action

When I submit articles, I notice a significant increase in traffic. But, having people visit my site is not enough. I need to get them to create a relationship with me, so they will buy my services, products and e-books.

To create this special relationship and build your list of targeted prospects hungry for your products and services, you need to promote your free ezine within your 50 word resource box (also referred to as a bio box or link-back).

When most people promote their ezines at the end of they articles, they tell readers to subscribe for their free ezines. This is a mistake. They must tell people why they should subscribe.

If you are like most people, your inboxes filled with a barrage of email newsletters that never get read. If you want to get my attention, you must tell me how I am going to benefit from giving you my name, email address, and becoming part of your database to receive your ezine and other special offers. If you fail to do that, no one will join your list. Think of the unique reason people will want to read your material and tell them!

4. Submit your article and start building your list of hyper-responsive prospects.

Now is the time to perform the tiring, boring and tedious task of submitting your articles. But, as you're completing this process, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. By using these article marketing strategies, you can build your list of warm ready-to-buy visitors that can lead to substantial increases in book, product, or service sales.

5. Maximize your list building and article marketing efforts by following up with key online publishers.

If you're a smart article marketer, you don't consider your list building and article marketing project complete until you have thanked key online editors, and invited them to discuss other marketing opportunities.

After submitting the article, "Winterizing Tips for Homeowners: 14 Easy Winterizing Tips That Will Save You Time, Frustration, Money and Your Life", the American Homeowners Association received this email from the publisher of

Thanks for the submission. I'd like to use it in our weekly Dollar Stretcher ezine (circ 120k) and website . We would include the link back to AHA website.
Also wondering if we should get to know each other a little better. Perhaps we could provide
each other content on a more regular basis or work on other cross promotions.

As a result of the article marketing campaign, The American Homeowners Association was also able to develop an invaluable marketing partnership with the publishers of and

Remember, the Money Is in Your List.

The better your list building strategy is, the more money you will make! By writing and submitting articles, you will have the ability to create targeted email marketing campaigns like the pros -- that will instantly reach responsive and convert responsive subscribers into huge sales.
About the Author
While helping 65+ plus clients with their article marketing and list building strategies, Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber has accumulated over 1 million page views within the last year. For more free tips, go to

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